This is a country where only few care about others and how others should be treated.

It is paramount that every man,every woman,every boy,every girl be treated with respect; no matter how old you are and no matter how young they are. Make people see themselves as the most relevant person they can be and not pull them down or make them see you as the most significant.

A lady was asked to say something about two great prime ministers of England . She said ” William Gladstone was knowledgeable in a wide range, a deep thinker and certainly a man of great achievement, he told me all his achievements and i knew he was perhaps the most brilliant man England ever produced”
and then when asked about the other, she said ” After speaking with Benjamin Disraeli, I was so convinced that I was one of the brightest, wittiest and knowledgeable people England has ever produced”

There is a huge difference in the lady’s confirmation, Disraeli followed the greatest human relationship principle when he recognized the fact that everyone needs to be made to FEEL IMPORTANT.

People are Insecure, Give them confidence
People want to feel special, compliment them
People desire a greater tomorrow, give them hope
People nees to be understood, listen to them
People get emotionally low, encourage them
People want to be associated with success, help them win.

Be the Kind people see as HOPE !

Happy new month.

By Oluwafemi-babbs Posted in articles

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