The First Grader…..

Kimani Ng’ang’a Maruge

Kimani Ng’ang’a Maruge (1920 – August 14, 2009) holds the Guinness World Record for being the oldest person to start primary school—he enrolled in the first grade on January 12, 2004, aged 84.[1] Although he had no papers to prove his age, Maruge believed he was born in 1920.
Maruge attended Kapkenduiywo Primary School in Eldoret, Kenya; he said that the government’s announcement of universal and free elementary education in 2003 prompted him to enroll.

In 2005 Maruge, who was a model student, was elected head boy of his school.

In September 2005, Maruge boarded a plane for the first time in his life, and headed to New York City to address the United Nations Millennium Development Summit on the importance of free primary education

Maruge’s property was stolen during the 2007-2008 post-election violence, and he contemplated quitting school.During early 2008 he lived in a refugee camp, where he was reportedly a minor celebrity, four kilometers from his school, but still attended classes every day.In June 2008, he relocated to the capital Nairobi.

In June 2008, Maruge was forced to withdraw from school and relocate to a retirement home for senior citizens. However, soon after, on June 10, 2008, Maruge enrolled once again into grade 6 at the Marura primary school, located in the Kariobangi area of Nairobi.

Maruge died on August 14, 2009 of stomach cancer, at the Cheshire Home for the Aged in Nairobi.He was buried at his farm in Subukia. To get a full gist of what this man stood for while he was alive, pls download the movie titled ”The FIRST GRADER”download-2


PAINFULLY letting GO !!!

aloNe1. It is rare to let things that means a lot to us fade away easily, We imagine how precious they are to us and then we wish those things never go/leave us..
Here is a true life story to prove how powerful the feelings we possess for people is, this story is meant for people who are going through such circumstances to know that they are never the first and they won’t be the last.
Thanks to the owner of the story”chris”,who willingly sent me his story to publish..

…..But all you have to do is just to “bitterly Let Go”

Chris, An undergraduate of a prestigious university met Esther(who was also a student and also a departmental colleague) and after few months of friendship,They started their relationship. This “everlasting relationship” started so great, and everything was moving on fine, they were so intimate, best of friends, they feel free with one another, they have fun, and they walk so closely with one another…
They became so close that they couldn’t do without one another, But there was one thing affecting them; Chris was an introvert while Esther was a complete Extrovert. Thus, this became the beginning of a ruckus in their relationship, Chris, being a quiet guy could not control his relationship because he could not control/correct Esther, little did they know before their relationship started sweeping down the drain, After two years of their everlasting relationship, Esther changed towards chris totally, she became so aggressive and embarrasses him anywhere she dims fit, she ridiculed him and made him feel unwanted and unrecognized, before they knew it, the relationship had already fallen apart. Esther, went to meet Chris and told him she was no more interested, within a short period of time; They broke up.
*** *** *** *** *** ***
Chris, who was intimately in love with Esther became so bored with life, his lifestyle changed and he became much of an introvert, Esther on the other hand felt the breath of freedom..
* **NOW, LET’s talk about Chris;
He had already loved Esther so much, he was so much addicted to her, he wouldn’t do anything without her, it was true love…. Months after their break up,Chris was still pleading with Esther to accept him back, but she shuns him each time he brings it up. He decided to be a good friend to her since they still see frequently, but little did he know that it was just the beginning of a heart break after HEArT BREAK. Chris, who was once a complete introvert decided to become an artificial extrovert just to make Esther realize that he still loves her, he started living a forcefully social life but yet he never knew his heart would still be shattered by his EX-
Chris, who had already started a new life of liveliness wanted Esther back but Esther hated him with passion, she walks with him but she lambastes him at any opportunity she sees, ignoring him and belittles him any time she wants… The most annoying part was that she deliberately started discussing issues of her numerous boyfriends with another friend even when. Chris was right beside her, she purposely spoke loud just to hurt the heart of Chris who was there.. Chris is currently having a tough time forgetting Esther, he sees other ladies as insignificant but still likes Esther who sees him as a nobody.
Chris is confused, He loves Esther, but loves him no more.. He wants to move on, but he doesn’t know how..

What advice would you give chris?
How should he treat Esther?
He really wants to move on…..


The man with vision is a man who refuses to Fall even when criticised.
HE is a man who is ready to Face all challenges without an uncertain Faith.
HE is a man who is willing to pass through challenges,just to achieve his Dreams. .

Are you?


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