It was love at first sight…Chika and Toyin…. awesome !!


WE ARE BOUNDed TOGETHER with love…you know?

It was love at first sight!” – Chika and Toyin share their love story and pre-wedding photos…..

Their love story started in church, so y’all who are still searching, he/she might just be in your parish.
Here’s the love story and pre-wedding photos of Chika and Toyin.

With my heart, I love you

With my heart, I love you

He used to be a chorister in my own R.C.C.G parish where i too just newly joined their workforce, this was before his job got him transferred to Ibadan:-( . The first day i saw him ooooh lala it was love at first sight. I instantly started having a crush on him, I thought; who’s this cute dark guy but I guess then he was in a relationship and was into her so he just kept our friendship cordial.

Later on we met at a church dinner and got reintroduced to each other and that was the start point, we exchanged contacts and kept communicating via social media. We carried on the friendship for two months.

I already knew he was in love with me and cupid has struck his arrow on me too but he wasn’t just coming out to say it.

So, I took the bull by the horn and decided to ask him to define our friendship because people, i mean his friends and other peeps that see us hang out together were starting to think we were dating.

He came out straight the next day to tell me that he is in love with me and would want us to take d friendship to d next level B-). I was kukuma(permission to use that) already craving for it. I did my shakara for just a week and gave him a YES!

Looking into your eyes, I knew it was true love.

Looking into your eyes, I knew it was true love.

LOVE !!!! She said yes!!!

LOVE !!!! She said yes!!!

And that was it,we are moving it to the next level again in which we believe God wants and approves and would see us through it.

Seeing the pictures alone moved me to the bone…
I wish ChikaToyinToyin a fruitful union….
Hmmn….I am eager, who is next?



THis article was gotten from an online achive, after reading it and realizing the joy in a health relationship I decided to share with us.

He doesn’t call? Call him, He doesn’t text? Text him… Ego has been a hook destroying relationship, “pride”, why not stay single if you can’t manage relationship stress?

There is no road to London that’s near, snubbing is common in relationship and the childish of it is, when it has no reason, you wake up in the morning log into internet, you saw your spouse online, to say hi, becomes a big deal, who’s the first to say hi, yes! She will say hi, You be waiting, o’yes, he will say hi, you be waiting, and I ask myself, will one lose their life if they are the first To say, hi…?

We know as a woman, you wake up, you ought to greet your man, notwithstanding, as a man, it takes nothing from you to say hi to your baby, sometimes I don’t understand what you guys meant by “love” when You allow ego and internet define your relationship!

imagine a relationship without internet? When You have to write letter with a piece of paper, heartful love, you don’t have to think of who writes the letter first, you always wanted to write that grammar you learnt in school, why allow internet make you slaves?

Whatever your spouse does, why not sort it out with them? When two adults are acting like children, what does The children do? Even the children doesn’t check who The first to talk, and imagine two adults who claims to be ready for a relationship?

When you both were friends, those things weren’t checked, why now in a relationship when two souls are to be more connected and be bestie, more bond and open than friendship?…

No relationship dies in a day and the moment you see more of the mistakes of your partner, the more uninteresting the relationship becomes and the bitterer you are. No doubt, everyone is bad at something but when you chose to love, you can only get better with necessary adjustment. Making a relationship work is about making efforts. There is no justification for your weakness as you can be almost perfect if you put in some efforts. An absolute change could be difficult but a positive adjustment is possible. If you’ve ever ran on a default mode lifestyle before you decided to build a relationship, the moment you do, knowing you aren’t alone, knowing it takes two to make it work, an immediate shift is expedient. Satisfying the (wo)man you really love should be considered along your decisions. But before a relationship would hit an all time low, these are highlights that could lead it there.

1. Issues not discussed – There could be some areas you desire to have your partner change or get better at. If you choose to keep mute about it and you such keeps receiving your attention and you just can’t ignore, it kills relationships slowly.

2. Lies – Well, this cannot be overstretched. The more you lie to your partner, the lesser he/she trust you, and when trust is gone in a relationship, that’s trouble!

3. Not sharing – No one forms a relationship by themselves. It takes two to get at it. A balanced relationship demands the effort of the-two involved. It’s about what you-two bring to the center. The pressure would be one-sided if one person chooses to be greedy. Sharing is one of many things that powers a relationship and makes it balance.

4. R0 mance Wanted – Absence of r0 mance in a relationship makes it boring. R0 mance is sensual and not always s*xual. Identify those things that could create an intimate moment, things that sponsors good connection between you-two and starting doing them. The importance is simply to keep the attraction alive.

5. Blaming Your Partner – Yes! Keep blaming your partner for everything that’s wrong in your relationship and watch it die slowly. When you see more of his/her faults, there will always be something to complain about and the more the complains the more the relationship would lose its value.

6. Lack of Communication – Not in the area of phone calling or text messages though also important but specifically in the awareness of things to do or how to do them. Both parties must be kept abr*ast of what’s coming. Make your moves, schedules, work or some family related details clear to your partner. Always keeping them in the dark brings about uncertainties that could cause regular misunderstanding in a relationship.

7. Cohabitation – It’s one of the easiest ways to make your partner get fed up with the relationship. When you become too regular, so many things could lose its value and get lost accordingly. Read The Dangers of Cohabitation.

8. Pretense – You seem to be too cool at everything because you want to impress him/her, that’s trouble! Whatever happens to being you should be reversed. Your partner could take it as being nice or tolerant. In a real relationship, no one is a cell-mate, you just be you!

9. Poor Timing – Whatsoever is sharing your quality time with your partner needs to be transferred on another time slot. Having the space for regular conversation strengthens your relationship and if it’s an LDR, you either could talk regularly on phone or pick a day or two in every week for this. Good time spent together reveals a lot, strengthens the bond, secures the relationship and it helps in no little measure.

10. Too Many Expectations – You want her to know what you want without saying it? You expect him to remember almost everything even when he has got several matters demanding his attention? Yes, we are in love and you sure mean a lot to us but we are human as well. Expect more and see more faults, expect less and you will be able to appreciate your partner more.

If there are issues not discussed in a relationship, it could make both partners keep hurtful secrets and in~turn affect their relationship. Start to set the right path for a successful relationship with your spouse.

Define your relationship or internet will do.. A word they say is enough for The wise!

7-WAYS to tell IF I AM in LOvE.

7 ways to tell if I am in love; >>>WITH pastor Enoch Akinbajo {Ruth and Boaz Ministry}

This is about true LOvE and not LUsT.
This seven evidence will give you a hint. . .remember, never give infatuation a chance !!

-YOU discover that you begin to have deeper feelings and concern for such person more than other friends.
Note: feelings are not reliable, it fluctuates and not all feelings can be expressed

-YOU discover that you enjoy spending time with that person,not feeling any guilt or regret afterwards.

-YOU discover that you want to do more to help that person to be his/her best, but not to the extent of hurting God.
Note:love is giving but giving is not love.

-YOU discover that you feel very safe with that person and you discuss deep issues that you can’t discuss with other people.

-YOU discover that you are no longer shy or ashamed with that person,even when they tell you all the truth about you.

-YOU discover you always pray for that person or about that person.

-YOU discover that other people see it even before you realize that you are in love.

IF. You are not so satisfied with all this,then you must involve the Holyspirit to Lead you aright.

Note: This might not be common to many… But it is a true experience.


LUST !!!



Lust is sensual
Lust is impatient.
Lust is senseless.
Lust is restless.
Lust is selfish.
Lust is prentencious.
Lust is unstable.
Lust is wordy .
Lust is always wanting more and more.
Lust is sex seeking !!

»»Evidence of Lust !

¤. Intimate discussion with opposite Sex.

¤ Dressing to reveal sensitive body parts
females: thighs and cleavage.
Males: chest.

¤ Giving out gift that suggests sexual impressions e.g romantic novels or comics (some do it unknowingly, but it should be stopped)

¤ Passing comments that suggests sexual intentions/emotions.
(alot see it as fun but it must be correction)

¤ Always wanting to be in company of the opposite sex (note: not in every case,some are naturally free with opposite sex )

¤ Walking and always talking to attract the attention of opposite sex (some ladies change their walking posture when they see guys around, and some guys talk fluently to attract the attention of ladies around)

¤ Always attracted to the presence of opposite sex.

¤ Thinking aimlessly about the opposite sex. (some guys/ladies think they are in love when they can’t do without thinking about the opposite sex, it affects them and yet they think they are in love)

Note: The facts might not be completely accurate, but they are true !!!

LUST . . . . The fruit of the flesh. . .The clueless driver to destruction. . .

Lust !!!

Oluwafemi B. Banjo