jOKES !! hAppy WeeKenD

(_)X_Swift. A girl was with her father when he(the father)
saw her boyfriend coming.

GIRL:Have u come to collect ur book titled
“DADDY IS HOME?” By Ngozi Okafor.

BOY:No, i want that our hymn book called..

GIRL:I dont have that one. Maybe u should take
the other one, “UNDER THE MANGO TREE” By
Chimamanda Adichie.

BOY:Fine, but dont forget to bring “I WILL
CALL YOU IN FIVE MINUTES” while coming to

GIRL.I will also bring this one too, “T WON’T
LET YOU DOWN” By Chinua Achebe.

DAD:These books are too many. Will he read all
of them?

GIRL:Yes dad, he’s very smart.

DAD: Okay, dont forget to give him the one on
the table titled, “I AM NOT STUPID, I
SAYING” by William Shakespeare, and also the
one on the dining titled “IF YOU GET
Wole Soyinka.

(Just have fun) HappY weekenD !


ON this day, March 30 19..


On this Day, March 30 19..
A rare gem was. Born,
A Boy with the Gifted brain was born,
An Hero was born,
An Optimist was born,
The Hope for Our nation was Born,
The young boy who believes in a change was born,
Banjo Oluwafemi Babatunde(babbs) was born !!!

On this day, March 30, 2014
The young man has started fulfilling his dreams,
The young man has started his journey to success,
The young man has. Become a confidant to both young and old.
The young Boy is A living Anticipating ICON !!!

God Bless Babbs.
God bless Nigeria.
God bless the World !!



Revival: A means of bringing something back to life, making it active. We are the weapon for revival, we are the tools for a Perfect Positive Change{P.P.C}. God is not expecting multitudes or the whole wide world to be His tools for revival, but He is expecting the RETAINED FEW, those who are willing to be set apart only for the Masters use, Vessels that are only meant to honour the master. Behold, God is recruiting men that would boldly stand at the forefront for Him, and the greatest part of it is that, GOD WANTS THE YOUTHS, but not just the youths, the WILLING,AVAILABLE and the READY ones to flame up the fire for Revival.

God wants to install Generals for His battle,and God has His criterions of making us one. here are few:

¤ Those who are ready to submit to God’s word and Correction.

¤ Those who decide in their heart to follow His will{personal decision}

¤ Those who are humble enough{humility at it’s peak}

¤ Those who are willing to be set apart{consecrated and preserved for God}

¤ Those who are willing to be broken,melted and Re_moulded as the right vessels for use.
And finally,

¤ Those{youths} who are willing to go on FIRE FOR GOD (Youths aflame !! )

God needs the retained,reserved,consecrated,willing and available men for War. He is not after millions,thousands nor hundreds but after few who will fight with might.
Do you know why God wants the Youths ?

1. As youths, We are physically strong and aggressive(Samson,David and Saul who later became Paul,they were youths with physical strength and will to fight)

2. The evil days are yet to come upon we youths,we are still free from the evil days,God wants us because most of our parents have fallen during their evil days.

3. We are the apple of God’s eye, His choosen vessels and Royal priesthood.
Friends, it is better late than Never !
God is still recruiting Generals, Together we become tools for a Positive Change {P.C}

#Tools for Revival_

Oluwafémi B. Banjomotivator 'femi


UNTIL YOU BECome a madman concerning your life’s goal,you will remain in the crowd!
Being mad means refusing to consider all obstacles Challenging your Goals.
A man that pursues his VISION against all odds is called a MADMAN,until that vision manifests,and then he becomes a hero.
‘Femi Banjo