A ~ Z of a Fulfilled life… :-) :-)


Aspire for the best always.

Be humble so that you won’t stumble.

Change is your favourite friend, not an enemy.

Determination makes the impossible possible.

Equity is your peace giver.

Failure is not a fact, but only an opinion.

God is all you need.

Hard work is the gateway to success.

Imitation is limitation.

Just keep growing.

Knowledge is power.

Love is man’s greatest free gift.

Maximise your life.

No one can help you live a fulfilled life; you have to do it yourself.

Only the optimist always expects good things to happen. Be optimistic.

Perseverance is your dream actualiser.

Quality matters more than quantity.

Risk is inevitable to success.

Stand out but do not be distant.

Tough times do not last but tough people do.

Until you win, it is not over.

Valiance not ambitions brings success.

What you need to succeed is to act as though it is impossible to fail.

Xerox can never be an original.

Your word is your strength, keep to it.

Zeal without purpose is fruitless.

Enjoy the best of life!



Make a Difference
We are all gifted with a unique set of skills
and abilities. With those abilities we can
make extra-ordinary things happen in the
world around us, or not.
It is completely up to you whether you want
your life to make a difference and what
difference you want your life to make.
Many people set lofty goals for their lives and
want to be remembered as visionaries, they
want to change and save the world.
Others want to be remembered as the kind
man or women down the street who always
helped and always listened if you needed
Who do you think is the better person?
The one who changes the world or the one
who saves the individual?
Do what not have to do incredible things; just
being there for the people around you can
save someone from a meaningless life and
help them lead the life they were meant to
Small things matter
Changing the life of another person is an
incredible feeling and it is completely within
your grasp. You can do this by deciding to
become a mentor for a young ambitious
person. You can help them avoid the mistakes
you have made and help them learn from the
ones they will inevitably make themselves.
Fight for someone’s rights
You will often see someone get treated
unfairly. It happens both professionally and
socially, individuals who deserve recognition
do not get it.
By taking up the fight and making sure others
get what they deserve and earned you will be
a true hero. You will make a lasting impact on
their lives and you will be rewarded with love
and help in the future when you are in need.
The law of karma says that whatever you do
you will get back three fold, helping others is
therefore a selfish act, but still a good act, one
that you should do without fear, with love and
with the knowledge that you will one day be
Go the distance
Compromise is the enemy of long term
commitment, if you have committed to helping
someone by being their mentor or by fighting
for their rights, doesn’t stop half way. Go the
distance and see it through. Make sure
something happens so all your work doesn’t
end up as only talk.
In truth we might all be here to help each
other, we might all be a part of a machine
that fosters cooperation, or were not. We
might just be here to make the best of the
situation for ourselves.
In any case, helping others brings happiness
and prosperity into your own life, so for
whatever reason you chose to help others, it
will always help you in return.
The difference between stopping half way and
finishing isn’t much in terms of the work you
put in, but worlds apart in the difference for
the individual you are helping.



“Give others all that is alive in us-our interest,
understanding, our knowledge, our humor,
everything in us that’s good. In doing so, we
enhance the sense of aliveness in others
while enhancing our own. When we give, we
get a “heightened vitality” of what it means to
be human.” – Erich Fromm

True giving comes from the same place inside
you as your deepest happiness. They are
inexplicably intertwined. A gift is something
that is enjoyed twice. First by the giver who
revels in the pleasure of giving something
special and then also enjoyed by the person
who receives the gift.
With our changing economic times, everyone
is asking for help in some form. There are as
many reasons to give as there are ways to
give. Some people give for recognition. They
want their names in programs, on park
benches and in hospital lobbies. Others give
expecting to be paid back or thanked, they
give to get. Some people want a hands-on-
experience and are generous with their time.
Some like to give anonymously and don’t want
any recognition at all.
People who truly master the art of giving give
out of the goodness of their hearts with no
self-serving motives. Giving becomes a
blessing for the giver and receiver. It’s human
nature to believe, “When I have more I’ll give
more.” If you come from this mentality you
never have enough of anything to give.
Generosity is a choice that feels right and
joyful. Generosity comes from believing you
have enough to share.
You may be a bit skeptical, wondering what
exactly do you have to give? Everybody has
something of value for another person. It
could be a kind word, a simple smile, some
appreciation, the sharing of some special
knowledge, even a helping hand or a bit of
support during a difficult emotional time. You
have something to give everyone.
The act of true giving is something wonderful
and amazing. With most things in this world,
there is only a limited amount of what you
can give away. Fortunately, generosity and
kindness are not bound to these same
material limitations. One of life’s most basic
laws is “every single act of love, kindness and
generosity will multiply and return to you
many times over “. The more you give the
happier you will feel.
Many thousands of years ago a great sage in
Babylon said “The reward of charity depends
entirely upon the extent of the kindness in it.”
It is one of life’s wonderful paradoxes that you
limit the power of your giving by having an
expectation of getting something in return.
When you give without any thought or desire
for something back, your returns will be truly
Your life is like a river of energy, continually
flowing. What happens when a river stops
moving? It get very muddy, and stagnant. A
fast flowing river is full of life and clear
water. Where would you rather drink? The
acts of giving and receiving are a continuous
process of circulation that continues the flow
of your life’s energies. For one person to
receive someone else has to give. It’s a cycle
of energy that flows continually onwards.
Pause for as moment as you read this, and
take a big, deep breath. Hold it for as long as
you possibly can. As you hold it inside, notice
how uncomfortable you begin to feel when
you are holding on to something that is meant
to be released. Now, breath out, completely
and hold your breath with your lungs fully
emptied. Feel how uncomfortable you feel
when you are resisting taking in something
that you need.
True giving, without expectation of anything
in return is as effortless as breathing. How
often do you expect back from the person you
gave something to a gift of a similar or greater
value? Is this true giving or merely an
unvoiced expectation of an exchange of
similar goods? Have you ever heard anyone
saying ” I just give and give and give until I
have nothing left “? This behavior has many
other names. Self denial, self pity, martyrdom,
self righteousness to name just a few.
This is an ego based form of giving. It is
giving with an expectation of something in
return. In reality, this is not giving at all but
an un-vocalized form of barter. If, through the
act of giving, you feel that you have “lost
something or are somehow lessened” then the
gift was not truly given from your heart. Truly
giving something from the heart is an action
which will fill your life with joy. This is
where the expression to “give whole
heartedly” comes from.
The intention behind your giving is the most
important thing. The intention should always
be to create happiness for both the giver and
the receiver. If you experience resentment
and a feeling of “I don’t really want to give
this to this person, but I feel that I have to” or
“I really should give them something,” this is
probably what ultimately will come back to
you. Perhaps in this case, you need to
consider not giving the gift at all!
What you give out is what comes back in
direct proportions to the feelings you have in
the act of giving. It’s very simple. If you want
to experience more joy, give joy to others, if
you want more love, learn to give love, if you
want attention and appreciation, learn to give
appreciation to others. These are some of
life’s most precious gifts and they don’t cost
you anything. When you meet someone, you
can silently send them a blessing, wishing
them happiness, joy and laughter. This kind
of silent giving is very powerful. Do this,
(with no thought of return) and you will
suddenly find people around you opening to
you in joy and happiness.
In ancient China, Lao Tsu wrote “Kindness in
words creates confidence. Kindness in
thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in
Giving Creates Love.”

The following are gifts we all have that can
benefit others.

Give of Your Talents
Give someone an hour of coaching, offer child
care or do you have plumbing, painting, or
landscaping skills? Give things. Clean your home
and clear out your closet of unwanted things.
Give what you don’t use or need to charity. Your
junk is someone else’s treasure.

Give blood ,,, FUNNY right?
Save a life. I’ve done this on several occasions;
it’s a great feeling to know you are helping to
save someone’s life.

Give of yourself
Make someone feel loved, special and
appreciated with a visit, phone call, email, text
or card. Give a handmade gift. Give praise,
gratitude and appreciation. This creates heart-
to-heart connections.

Give a recommendation
Enrich someone’s life by sharing the discovery
of a great blog, book, restaurant, product or
service. The message you give is “This was a
great find for me and I want to share it with

Give the gift of laughter
Laughter brings health and happiness to others.
It offers physiological, psychological and spiritual
benefits. Laugh loud and laugh often with

Give an invitation
Being invited to any kind of event means people
want to be with you. When you invite someone
into your life you are saying, “I want to spend
time with you, you are important to me.

Give affection
Appropriately offer a hug, a kiss on the cheek, a
pat on the back, a touch on an arm or a tender
look. We never lose the need for affection and
acceptance. Touching heals emotional wounds.

Give good advice
Ask the question, “Do you want advice or to you
want me to listen.” If needed and wanted advice
can be life-saving. Shared insights and wisdom is
a precious gift.

Give encouragement
When people are filled with doubt and fear they
lack courage. When you inspire and motivate
someone to act on their dreams, it can be life
changing. You are making the world a better

Give without keeping score
Real giving is expecting nothing in return. Give
when you have the opportunity not because you
received something and want to return the
favor. Never hesitate to give because you gave

Give forgiveness
Forgiveness offers healing to family, friends,
coworkers and neighbors. Forgive yourself and
others in spite of memories of unlovable times.
Drop the story of what they did and what you did
and the meaning you have given it.



Give money
Giving stuff is easy. We usually don’t need or
want it… But almost everyone likes to hang on
to their money. Giving away money is more
difficult because it means less for you. Give
money because others need it. Give money
because we’re dependent on one another.

Give an act of kindness
Kindness is the easiest and most abundant gift
we have to give away. Buy Girl Scout cookies,
always open the door for the person behind you,
return your grocery cart, make cookies for your
neighbor. The list is endless. Kindness brings joy
to the giver, receiver and anyone witnessing the

Give love
It’s easy to love those who love us back.
Challenge yourself to give love to those who
deserve it the least. Make your love
unconditional. Make the world a more loving
place. Everyone will reap the benefits!
The act of giving precludes reciprocity of any
kind. It’s a manifestation of the love we feel
within, just bursting for a way out. True
giving flows freely from the heart, with the
full force of love and compassion and honest
selflessness propelling it forward. Anything
less is simply a disguised request for a
bartered transaction.

Give……and it will come back to you in good measures !!!!

Celebrate your little VICTORIES…

Learn To Celebrate The Small

Do you reward yourself for your accomplishments?

It is important that we take the time to celebrate even our small victories. It’s time to take a step back and realize that instead of focusing on all that we’re not getting done, we should be focusing on all that we are getting done. I call this the Celebrate the Small Victories approach. The intent is to give a little love to yourself for all of the hard work you put into each day. Thiswill make for a much happier existence, boost your self-esteem by placing focus on the positive and likely make you even more productive and energetic as time goes on. You can’t lose! By marking these successes, we make them stick out in our minds. It forces us to acknowledge our progress and increases the likelihood of repeating the positive behavior
in the future.

Whatever your goals, be sure to recognize your victories. So, go ahead and treat yourself for all your victories, even the small ones!

Give yourself permission to take a day off and relax.
Take an hour and listen to some of your favorite music.
Go to lunch with your best friend.
Buy yourself a new shirt.
Perform a random act of kindness.
Call your parents and brag a little.
Spend a couple of hours alone in a beautiful place.
Meet someone new at a social gathering.
Take a weekend road trip.
Take a long nap.
Go see an inspiring movie.
Share a bottle of champagne with your spouse.
Small victories are worth celebrating too!
Visit responsible friends and have fun.

Obviously, this is not an exhaustive list of ways to celebrate, but it should give you plenty of ideas for how to treat yourself. Making your victories special will make them memorable so, go ahead and pat yourself on the back once in awhile. You deserve it!


happy weekend !!
🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


…even the heaven’s confirm the genuineness and uniqueness of Jesus… mostimes I ask myself, am i Dependable? Ask yourself the same. .A dependable man is one who is sensible, and willingly decides to be perfect. .and they always act consistently. In our world of today, many are found unreliable and undependable in every areas of their lives and this is affecting the growth of the nation atlarge.We should be dependable before GOD and man.
To expatiate further, who is a dependable man?
A MAN WHO IS TRUSTWORTHY: Living to build a genuine trust in the lives of others around you.

A MAN WHO BELIEVES IN THE POSSIBILITY: thinking positive and believing you can, even when it all seems rough and stressful a journey, yet a dependable man would say, yes I can do it !
A MAN WHO IS DIFFERENT FROM OTHERS: SO DISTINCT, with a different view from others, a man whom is not willing to follow the crowd

Jesus was a man who WilL always devote time to speak with God, He wi always withdraw from th crowdy place and speak with God alone.
JEsus knew he would die but yet he never feared death nor its agony…he conquered fear itself because of his unique vision for mankind.

A MAN WHO HATES BEING IN THE CROWD: Thinking with mediocrity is the attribute of people in the crowd, but a dependable man would stand out and be the best amidst others.

A MAN WHO WILL NEVER SETTLE FOR LESS: Dependable men are not low instinct men, they never stop achieving new dreams and fulfilling them… THEY AIM BIGGER!!

A MAN WITH VISION: A man who has dreams and plans for a better future, who aspire greater than his counterparts and has a focus.

A MAN WHO LACKS FEAR: A man who does not possess fear for anything whatsoever, he is so busy winning challenges and so courageous to face his fear.
A MAN WHO HONOURS GOD: This is the most important attribute of a dependable man, acknowledging God in all ways so that HE can direct his path.


Talent could be described as God’s given unique difference to human being.According to BBC
english dictionary,talent was defined as a natural ability to do something well.

It was clearly discovered that out of 100% humans with talent,20% humans are making use of their talent wisely and dutifully,while 40% are flunctuating ,trying to achieve dreams that are not meant for them,and the remaining 40% don’t even have visions,neither do they have dreams at all.If you have a talent,make use of it for GOD,yourself and your society.

we all possess different spiritual talents and until we seek or pray for it we can’t have it,and even after having it we must use it for the glory of God by being open minded to those who will benefit from it.Also we have physical talents e.g Writing articles,gospel novels,christian motivational scripts,art works,sports,singing,acting on stage,wisdom in speaking and alot more.We must make sure our talents are used to Honour our creator,just as it was written in the Holy Bible that”LET THE WORLD SEE YOUR GOOD WORKS,THAT THEY MAY GLORIFY YOUR FATHER IN HEAVEN”

Talent is never meant for selfish interests but rather to develop ourselves and our society.
Talent must be discovered,the world would bow before you and heaven would be glorified.


I discovered my talents by doing what i like doing most,i discovered that script writing and acting on stage are what i like doing most,once i hold my pen..Whatever the topic is,in as much as it is not corrupt i feel comfortable to write it and this gets me inspired because it is confirmed that i was created for a greater purpose and task.
Talent must not be used to oppress the less privileged(those who d0 not have such talent),rather it must be a source of inspiration to everyone around us.He who oppresses with His/Her talent would surely be stripped off such talent..Remember what was said in Luke chpt. 19 vs 26”FOR I SAY UNTO YOU,THAT UNTO EVERYONE WHICH HATH SHALL BE GIVEN; AND FROM HIM THAT HATH NOT, EVEN THAT HE HATH SHALL BE TAKEN AWAY FROM HIM” . I pray our dreams and talents would not be taken from us through our Pride and segregating lifestyle.

FINALLY, be contentented with whatever talent God has given you,your talent can save our Nation,your dreams can turn this country back to JESUS.

One love….

Top Time Waster (TTW)


*lets get to business for the day*
I was at a retreat organized by the youths of my diocese and the guest speaker who happens to be our Provost emphasized on a thoughtful and powerful statement.

He said ” The youths of this generation, the time we spend watching the television , if it continues at that rate; nobody will watch you in life”

It is indeed sad that the media is the ultimate time waster of this generation, we have ignored the fact that we need to also work hard to be seen on the television someday. Many of the great men we see on the television were busy working,reading,innovating and inventing while their mates were having fun and enjoying their lives. THe media has invented alot of fascinating and mind thrilling programmes which has become gods to mosyA youths in our dear nation. Africa magic has changed the mind and dreams of alot of people who are not self controlled.
Those behind the social media are working hard in their duties to entertain people, that is their passion , they worked hard to get there… have you ever thought of that? WASTING HOURS WITH THE TELEVISION IS DEFINITELY A HUGE WASTE OF TIME WHEN THERE ARE MORE IMPORTANT AND RELEVANT THINGS TO BE DONE AT THAT MOMENT.
I dare not criticze the media, that is their duty and vision…it is a great thing cuz they could entertain us to satisfaction, and that is because they have worked harder to know the wants of the society but then, as a young guy/lady; the television should not be our priority, we’ve gat mpre than enough to get busy with.

Stop dumping time into the television bin.

Stop dumping time into the television bin.


The hope of this great nation should not be upon T.V freaks but upon those who are willing to be distinct and control d urge of time wasting.

Watch the television if you must but put self control into action..remember, each second you waste counts and each hour wasted will always be accounted for; Later in the nearest future.

You can't regain the lost time

You can’t regain the lost time

Just imagine;
If wole Soyinka was like you, would you even hear about him today?

If Pastor Enoch Adeboye was like you, would you know him today?

If Fela Durotoye was a tv freak like you, would he have been a top public speaker today?

If Dr. Benjamin carson had not been stopped by his mum from excessive watching of the television, I doubt if he would have been successful in life….

It is loud and clear to us….CAUTION!!



please gladly read in between the lines.

Leadership is not what most people term it to be these days…to series of people, it has become a title…


We need leaders who will be doubly accountable(accountable for themselves and their followers). Leaders who see themselves as a tool of achievement for their disciples…

Lead with dignity and passion

Lead with dignity and passion

I was opportuned to see the end of a movie and I realised the true life of a leader… this young man knew his men were panicking,infact many of them already threw their armours away..then he decided to inspire and encourage them on reasons why they must fight the battle for generations to come…I keenly watched what he would do..I was expecting him to place the strong men on the forefront and direct the strategy of the war but behold he ran towards the enemy combatants and slain their general,His followers saw this and they all ran with courage towards the enemies..He took the major step and they follwed him…That is GENUINE LEADERSHIP !

We all point accusation fingers at our leaders about their incapabilities as leaders, but the truth is…are we also portraying the true essence of leadership…

ARE you the right head of the family?
ARE you the right elder brother/sister to your siblings?
ARE you the right president of your society?

These are questions we need to ask ourselves and set things right.
As a leader, learn to place your followers on your shoulder so they can also be a success story..

It is easy to lead when you are strong…. but when you are weak, you exhibit the true leadership….