Camera 360My first post for this year, i congratulate everyone of us for seeing and witnessing once again another new year… At about past 12am yesterday at church DURING THE CROSS OVER NIGHT….The vicar asked us to tell God what we want this year, then i sat adn while everyone was busy praying with a roaring force as tho heaven will fall, i was thinking carefully of what to ask God and wonderfully something hit my mind like a pushed rock…. it was ‘’success’’ that came to my mind..
Oops, i was not contented with my hearts repy, so i kept on thinking but lo, success kept on ringing the alarm in my heart, and so i prayed for success..(lol, all these took place within 3mins)
We got home at about past 2p.m after surviving series of banger/ knockout attacks at the church compound… on getting home, dad called us for family prayer which we did and we all dashed into our various rooms… i decided to watch a movie cuz i wasn’t feeling sleepy at all, then i remembered my first request in 2015…. ‘’Lord,make me successful in everything’’
sounds like every normal prayer, right?

But then i sat and thought about it, why pray for success….. then i started to write what came to my mind…..
Success…achievement of ones aim or goal, success is a broad word and it spreads through every area of ones life… let me broaden our knowledge about success..
Success can be found in so many categories.. academics, spiritual, finance,marital,profession,health e.t.c
I would have felt bad if i only prayed for an upliftment in my academics or financial upgrade, oh ! i would have felt stupid.
I knew success encompasses all these things and if i wanted all…. i just need to be successful in all…

A man of God is not reconed with, by God or man except he is successful in his ministry as a spiritual father of the nation….. that the success i asked for

A student is not duely respected by teachers,lecturers and course mates except he has attained a level of success for any class he is in…. thats the success i asked for
A man is not honoured or celebrated except he is successful financially…thats financial success from God..
N.B : I am not talking about being the richest man in the world, of course it isn’t the real success but being wealthy and generous is success.
A man is not proved responsible and manly enough if he can’t cordinate his family,spread love amidst his children and be celebrated as a father… wow! , marital success .
A man is not seen as a role model, an icon or a mentor if he is not successful in his choosen field… thats success in profession.
A man is not fit enough if he is not successful health wise, health is weath… therefore, health is needed to be successful….
And many more……
So, i prayed for the right thing… i can’t make heaven if i am not successful in christ Jesus…. yea

The same i pray for everyone reading this post…You shall be successful in every ramification.

Happy new year.



IMG_20141230_074136Wow! Wow! Wow!

MY LAST POST FOR THE YEAR 2014…….29/12/2014

Listening to ‘’DAYS OF ELIJAH’’ by Donnie Mc-clockin
Hmmn, everyone is happy to see the last few days of the year 2014…. many started with us but they are no more alive, many wittnessed the christmas on Thursday but todAY,thet are gone.
I wanna use this unique medium to appreciate everyone who made my year great, without you guys..there wouldnt have been Oluwafemi Babbs. Thanks for keeping yourself updated with my blog, thanks for reading my posts cuz i already quit until someone sent me an email asking me why i decided not to feed him with my motivational articles anymore, i was glad and i felt the eagerness to blog within me again, thaNKS TO all those who followed my blog,liked and commented.. a special thanks to those who willingly sent me their stories to be published on the blog……. If i am to mention names, i would never be able to complete it but yet, there is someone whom i must mwntion his name……GOD!, I appreciate God for giving me the privilege to write, the wisdom and the uderstandung he has give a young warlock like me…. it gladdens my heart when i share mind and thoughts with alot of you, atleast with my liitle strength… i have helped lives through God.
A new year knocks on our doors, and i pray that we all will wittness that prosperous new year….
Most of us hates motivations cuz it tells us to do things that we think are immpossibl to us, most times it seems true but the truth is….many will fail and fail again and then fail again, get frustrated, more frustrated and then become so unfortunate to the extent of commiting sucide but motivations chained and devoured frustration…. motivations gives us reasons why we really need to try again or why we must never quit no matter what….. If people are not motivated, dtermination would become a thing of the past, even God sent the holy spirit to comfort humans and the holyspirit took charge….. God has made us helpers of one another, we are our brothers keeper so we must motivare ourselves to perfporm exploits. I am happy because alot have survived the storm of this world through God by beng motivated one way or the other…. our daily lives wotks on motivation….
You woke up, went to the bathroom and took your bath..if you are noy motivated to dom so, you wont. You took your breakfast even when you are not hungry, if you are not motivated to eat, you wont You decided to go to school on a motor cycle, yes; you did that cuz u motivated yourself to take a bike…
Every year is filled with numerous trials, but believe within yourself that for year 2015, there would be certainty of success and victory after your trials. Have it in mind that the storm will soon be over,
. being alive today means, there is still hhope for tomorrow.
Don’t give up in year 2015, God sees your pain and the moment of victory is near….. cuz God will never let go of you..REMEMBER THAT. Thank you so much for making my year a fruitful one, you all gave me hope when i alredfy gave up, you made me realise that there are lots of lives i must touch and revive.. I am grateful and with God, our 2015 will be better than our 2014.
ONCE AGAIN, HAPPY NEW YEAR IN ADVANCE READERS……….Oluwafemi adores you all…. good bye for now
My 2015 will be a very busy one but with God, i will keep us all updated