Good morning wonderful readers, hope you all slept well?

This week has been a very hectic one for me, especially at school..Monday was filled with practicals and blames, Tuesday was filled with practicals and assignments, Wednesday was like a thug of war at the Congress and almost got injured after involving in a minor motorcycle accident,Thursday was a bit free even though my shoe got damaged right in front of the Faculty gate and today….Gods knows.

What i want to share with us today is my burden for we youths and it is already taking over us all, it is getting into power. You know what it is? THE LIMITING MENTALITY .It is so sad that we all exhibit the limiting mentality, we seem to always give up after few trials, we tend to assume that we cannot be stretched beyong our limits. Most of us are meant to be great, we were meant to achieve our dreams beyond limit, but yet, upon this assurance by GOD, we still fear the seen and unseen challenges or trials we face. You can never be great unless you have been tested and trusted, except you have passed through the furnance of life.

It isnt going to be smooth or free, i tell you….. it will be rough with different pot holes on our way to success, we shouldnt expect lasting success to come so easy to us, we must work for it with our sweats. Passing through difficulties and challenges does not mean we are sinners or GOD has forsaken us, life is a battle field and therefore we have to fight it and win, even the Mighty general of a nation can get injured and it doesnt mean he is weak, It only means he has attracted a strong opposing general, Friends,we have to exceed the limit, we need to break the limiting mentality.

It sounds easy saying it right? Lol

But the truth is, we can do more than this in life “ a little baby doesnt walk until he starts to crawl, then hold objects to move around,holding the mother to walk around,walk alone with little stamina and falls and then the baby finally becomes a very young boy who can walk,fall,rise,jump and do all sort” thats it… The kid exceeded the baby limit of crawling. Giving it a trial is cool, never give up because the devil always makes sure people gives up at the last minute to greatness. The thin line between success and failure is giving up.


N.B : I am not asking you to overwork yourself or start jumping around aimlessly, Purpose comes first, why do i have to exceed this limit?
We need GOD, the ultimate source of help.
I cannot but pour out my pain…i believe we can do it better than it is presently, Just a liitle more push and then we set it rolling.

It isnt easy but it is the truth we all have to embrace.
Enjoy your day, Unlimited Generation…