Hello unique, I’m sure you had a blessed night…
Rise and make your day with these quotes..

1. The people who care about you will accept
you for who you are, so don’t be afraid to show
the real you.

2. Every person you meet in this world has
something to teach you.

3. Forgive, because you deserve inner peace and
as Mahatma Gandhi said forgiveness is the
attribute of the strong.

4. To risk nothing, is to risk everything. Don’t
be afraid to change, if you don’t like where you
are, you can always move, you are not a tree.

5. If someone is nice to you but rude to the
waiter, they are not a nice person.

6. What you do in private, when nobody is
watching, that’s what matters. That’s the real

7. Adapt to the environment, we as humans have
the ability to adapt to almost everything.

8. Don’t let your dreams, goals and ambitions
die, they have been given to you for a reason.

9. Don’t be afraid of being rejected, be afraid of
not trying.

10. You can’t learn something new by talking,
you can only learn by listening.

11. You don’t fail when you get knocked down or
when you lose, you only fail when you quit.

12.”Unless you’re the lead dog of the sled, the
view never changes.” Following the crowd means
living the same life as the crowd. You don’t want

13. Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what we

14. Do your best and let God do the rest.

15. Successful people don’t have fewer problems. They have
determined that nothing will stop them from going forward.

Guess you will gladly make this quotes meaningful to you… Happy new day 🙂 🙂




A ~ Z of a Fulfilled life… :-) :-)


Aspire for the best always.

Be humble so that you won’t stumble.

Change is your favourite friend, not an enemy.

Determination makes the impossible possible.

Equity is your peace giver.

Failure is not a fact, but only an opinion.

God is all you need.

Hard work is the gateway to success.

Imitation is limitation.

Just keep growing.

Knowledge is power.

Love is man’s greatest free gift.

Maximise your life.

No one can help you live a fulfilled life; you have to do it yourself.

Only the optimist always expects good things to happen. Be optimistic.

Perseverance is your dream actualiser.

Quality matters more than quantity.

Risk is inevitable to success.

Stand out but do not be distant.

Tough times do not last but tough people do.

Until you win, it is not over.

Valiance not ambitions brings success.

What you need to succeed is to act as though it is impossible to fail.

Xerox can never be an original.

Your word is your strength, keep to it.

Zeal without purpose is fruitless.

Enjoy the best of life!

we’ve all got the talent….

Talent could be described as God’s given unique difference to human being.According to BBC
english dictionary,talent was defined as a natural ability to do something well.
It was clearly discovered that out of 100% humans with talent,20% humans are making use of their talent wisely and dutifully,while 40% are flunctuating ,trying to achieve dreams that are not meant for them,and the remaining 40% don’t even have visions,neither do they have dreams at all.If you have a talent,make use of it for GOD,yourself and your society.
In our text,we saw that we all possess different spiritual talents and until we seek or pray for it we can’t have it,and even after having it we must use it for the glory of God by being open minded to those who will benefit from it.Also we have physical talents e.g Writing articles,gospel novels,christian motivational scripts,art works,sports,singing,acting on stage,wisdom in speaking and alot more.We must make sure our talents are used to Honour our creator,just as it was written in the Holy Bible that”LET THE WORLD SEE YOUR GOOD WORKS,THAT THEY MAY GLORIFY YOUR FATHER IN HEAVEN” Talent is never meant for selfish interests but rather to develop our comunity.

Talent must be discovered,the world would bow before you and heaven would be glorified.TO GET A CLEARER CONFIDENCE OF YOUR TALENT,YOU MUST PRAY TO GOD FOR HIM TO SHOW YOU WHERE YOUR TALENT WOULD BE NEEDED AND HONOURED.I discovered my talents by doing what i like doing most,i discovered that script writing and acting on stage are what i like doing most,once i hold my pen..Whatever the topic is,in as much as it is not corrupt i feel comfortable to write it and this gets me inspired because it is confirmed that i was created for a greater purpose and task.
Talent must not be used to oppress the less privileged(those who d0 not have such talent),rather it must be a source of inspiration to everyone around us.He who oppresses with His/Her talent would surely be stripped off such talent..Remember what was said in Luke chpt. 19 vs 26”FOR I SAY UNTO YOU,THAT UNTO EVERYONE WHICH HATH SHALL BE GIVEN; AND FROM HIM THAT HATH NOT, EVEN THAT HE HATH SHALL BE TAKEN AWAY FROM HIM” . I pray our dreams and talents would not be taken from us through our Pride and segregating lifestyle.

FINALLY, be contentented with whatever talent God has given you,your talent can save our Nation,your dreams can turn this country back to JESUS.



Good morning wonderful readers, hope you all slept well?

This week has been a very hectic one for me, especially at school..Monday was filled with practicals and blames, Tuesday was filled with practicals and assignments, Wednesday was like a thug of war at the Congress and almost got injured after involving in a minor motorcycle accident,Thursday was a bit free even though my shoe got damaged right in front of the Faculty gate and today….Gods knows.

What i want to share with us today is my burden for we youths and it is already taking over us all, it is getting into power. You know what it is? THE LIMITING MENTALITY .It is so sad that we all exhibit the limiting mentality, we seem to always give up after few trials, we tend to assume that we cannot be stretched beyong our limits. Most of us are meant to be great, we were meant to achieve our dreams beyond limit, but yet, upon this assurance by GOD, we still fear the seen and unseen challenges or trials we face. You can never be great unless you have been tested and trusted, except you have passed through the furnance of life.

It isnt going to be smooth or free, i tell you….. it will be rough with different pot holes on our way to success, we shouldnt expect lasting success to come so easy to us, we must work for it with our sweats. Passing through difficulties and challenges does not mean we are sinners or GOD has forsaken us, life is a battle field and therefore we have to fight it and win, even the Mighty general of a nation can get injured and it doesnt mean he is weak, It only means he has attracted a strong opposing general, Friends,we have to exceed the limit, we need to break the limiting mentality.

It sounds easy saying it right? Lol

But the truth is, we can do more than this in life “ a little baby doesnt walk until he starts to crawl, then hold objects to move around,holding the mother to walk around,walk alone with little stamina and falls and then the baby finally becomes a very young boy who can walk,fall,rise,jump and do all sort” thats it… The kid exceeded the baby limit of crawling. Giving it a trial is cool, never give up because the devil always makes sure people gives up at the last minute to greatness. The thin line between success and failure is giving up.


N.B : I am not asking you to overwork yourself or start jumping around aimlessly, Purpose comes first, why do i have to exceed this limit?
We need GOD, the ultimate source of help.
I cannot but pour out my pain…i believe we can do it better than it is presently, Just a liitle more push and then we set it rolling.

It isnt easy but it is the truth we all have to embrace.
Enjoy your day, Unlimited Generation…


IMG_20141230_074136Wow! Wow! Wow!

MY LAST POST FOR THE YEAR 2014…….29/12/2014

Listening to ‘’DAYS OF ELIJAH’’ by Donnie Mc-clockin
Hmmn, everyone is happy to see the last few days of the year 2014…. many started with us but they are no more alive, many wittnessed the christmas on Thursday but todAY,thet are gone.
I wanna use this unique medium to appreciate everyone who made my year great, without you guys..there wouldnt have been Oluwafemi Babbs. Thanks for keeping yourself updated with my blog, thanks for reading my posts cuz i already quit until someone sent me an email asking me why i decided not to feed him with my motivational articles anymore, i was glad and i felt the eagerness to blog within me again, thaNKS TO all those who followed my blog,liked and commented.. a special thanks to those who willingly sent me their stories to be published on the blog……. If i am to mention names, i would never be able to complete it but yet, there is someone whom i must mwntion his name……GOD!, I appreciate God for giving me the privilege to write, the wisdom and the uderstandung he has give a young warlock like me…. it gladdens my heart when i share mind and thoughts with alot of you, atleast with my liitle strength… i have helped lives through God.
A new year knocks on our doors, and i pray that we all will wittness that prosperous new year….
Most of us hates motivations cuz it tells us to do things that we think are immpossibl to us, most times it seems true but the truth is….many will fail and fail again and then fail again, get frustrated, more frustrated and then become so unfortunate to the extent of commiting sucide but motivations chained and devoured frustration…. motivations gives us reasons why we really need to try again or why we must never quit no matter what….. If people are not motivated, dtermination would become a thing of the past, even God sent the holy spirit to comfort humans and the holyspirit took charge….. God has made us helpers of one another, we are our brothers keeper so we must motivare ourselves to perfporm exploits. I am happy because alot have survived the storm of this world through God by beng motivated one way or the other…. our daily lives wotks on motivation….
You woke up, went to the bathroom and took your bath..if you are noy motivated to dom so, you wont. You took your breakfast even when you are not hungry, if you are not motivated to eat, you wont You decided to go to school on a motor cycle, yes; you did that cuz u motivated yourself to take a bike…
Every year is filled with numerous trials, but believe within yourself that for year 2015, there would be certainty of success and victory after your trials. Have it in mind that the storm will soon be over,
. being alive today means, there is still hhope for tomorrow.
Don’t give up in year 2015, God sees your pain and the moment of victory is near….. cuz God will never let go of you..REMEMBER THAT. Thank you so much for making my year a fruitful one, you all gave me hope when i alredfy gave up, you made me realise that there are lots of lives i must touch and revive.. I am grateful and with God, our 2015 will be better than our 2014.
ONCE AGAIN, HAPPY NEW YEAR IN ADVANCE READERS……….Oluwafemi adores you all…. good bye for now
My 2015 will be a very busy one but with God, i will keep us all updated


YOU STILL STAND A CHANCE, try once more ….

Good afternoon Readers, it’s been a while I posted here..
I have been abit busy with school and some other side attractions but my mind is always here because this is my little way of contributing to my society.

My article for today was born out of a curious mind, a mind that believed in GOD + HOPE !! And that should be our believes also…. Our HOPe with GOD will take us high even if we have to face enough challenges that would wreck us and bend us…… I believe in No one except GOD !!

Quote for the day :The Solution of Nigeria is not from ASO~ROCK but from YOU and I ! #Ready for a CHaNge ! #rapid #abrupt. CHAnGe !!! #BLASt !

Oops !! That was a powerful side attraction!! Back to my article for today !!
Sit back, scroll through and read in between the Lines, the treasure you seek for might be in between the Lines….

YOU STILL STAND A CHANCE, just try once more !!

My fear : A lot of youths have labelled themselves as “FAILURES” without even trying once more even when GOD already predestined your success story !!

Failure is not a stigma…. Quitting without trying once more is the “SHAME”

Here is a story for you (sent to me by one of my readers), it might not be enough to convince you but atleast it will prove to you that you shouldn’t stop trying, try just one more time!!

Eniola Graduated from Secondary at the age of 16(2007) with the Hope of gaining admission into the higher institution of Learning,even though without a fixed profession but she was sure of gaining admission due to her brilliancy.. Eniola wrote the west African Examination and after the release of the result, brilliant eniola passed all her subjects except for Mathematics … Eniola thought it happened because it was her first trial, Eniola never knew she would be a trial story of failure for years.
Eniola wrote the Waec GCE for that year, the Result was not released…. *a year. Gone* … The Next year Eniola enrolled at a secondary school Far from her home to avoid shame, She read and did her best to pass the Exam, paid for answers during the exam, but all to no avail after the result was released, she failed Mathematics…(2008)
Note: Eniola was not a weak mathematics student, infact her secondary school examination results were evidence to prove.
Her Parents were already bothered , so they decided to enrol her in a coaching class expecting a positive result during the upcoming waec Gce(2008), she tried her best , even her tutors approved her ability to score high in mathematics, But the shocking news was that after the Exam;Eniola’s result was not released. *sad* isn’t it? Her friends were already in their second year at their various institutions , some even mocked her and made it clear to her that going to school might not be her predestined way of survival in life, Eniola faced humiliation at Home,church and in the neighbourhood.. Her Parents forced her to Learn handy works (tailoring) which she learnt for over two Years( late 2008 – early 2011). Eniola was never ready to loose courage and determination of being a university Graduate, after her freedom from the tailoring work; Eniola secured O’level tutorial teachers with her earnings from the first few months in the tailoring industry to take her the core Subjects she needs for Her Waec Gce by September 2011… She also secured a Jamb form which led to uproars amidst her family members
Her mum went against her foolish idea of aiming at admission even when o’level isn’t secured,
Her siblings frustrated her with instances of impossiblilty thinking they were advising her,
Her friends warned her to avoid wasting her money when she knows mathematics is her Limit,
But her Father had believe in her, not because he paid for her enrolment but because he was proud of her Courage !!

Determined Eniola Prepared for the examinations against all Odds, against discouragement from friends and families… She chose Pharmacy for her first and second choice at University of Lagos, wrote the Jamb examinations and had 268 (thank God Mathematics was not required as one of her four courses), She was so Happy, she went for the Post Jamb exam and scored an appreciable mark that earned her an admission into the University to study Pharmacy….. But yet No one believed she would Pass Her O”level courses to proceed for her admission registrations @ UNILAG… September 2011, Eniola Wrote the Waec GCe examination with fear but coined with GOD and Hope… Friends prayed(even though they were against her) but yet Her HOPE never wavered nor diminished …. LATE december, few days before christmas( Dec.25), the Examination result was released ; Eniola could not check the result cuz she had almost Lost courage, not as if she doubted God but she is a weak human who was scared of the future…..
Fortunately Dec. 29, Eniola went to Check her result and behold her Mathematics result was shocking!!! She had B3 in Mathematics, A Young lady who once Had f9, f9, cancelled result,f9 … Had to wait for over two years and yet could have B3 without anyone’s help or assistance….
Presently, Eniola is a 400level pharmacy student of Unilag… She knew she still has the Chance and she tried once more before quitting

Readers, I know most of you might have passed through something more than this and yet you are not yet where you ought or wish to be…. You still stand a chance, try once more before quitting….. Your Hope in GOD and your determinations goes a long way in helping you….

#i Love you for you Courage !!
# stand up tight and defeat your fear !!

You have motivational stories or articles that could be published for People to read and Learn from? Send to my email: Banjooluwafemi@yahoo.com or my BBM PIN: 263741D2 … I’ll be expecting you.


…. When I first heard this wonderful story from a preacher, I was so glad and I felt the presence of God.
** **My Father is the Driver of the Bus ** **
On a sunny day,an Old man was standing at the bus stop waiting for the bus that would pick him up to his destination(this old man had waited for long expecting the bus to come) he was sweating profusely due to the heat from the sun.
Later on, a young boy also got to the bus stop, greeted the old man and passed by him to a farther place to wait for the bus,the old man was surprised that the boy had already walked past the bus stop but he didn’t bother to tell the young boy…. Some minutes later, the bus arrived at the bus stop but shockingly the bus bypassed the old man and stopped right in front of the boy. The old man was shocked and amazed that the bus didn’t stop at the bus stop so he had to run after the bus in order to catch up with it. Fortunately, he go into the bus..he went straight to where the young boy was sitting and the first question he asked was that “HOW DID YOU KNOW WHERE THE BUS WOULD STOP” the young boy smiled and replied “MY FATHER Is THE DRIVER OF THE BUS AND HE HAD ALREADY TOLD ME WHErE TO wAIT”

Wow !! Did you get that?
GOD is our father, the young boy knew his father more than the old man…. When we get closer to God, He reveals things that are important and special to us..He treats us like as his OWN !
MY father is the driver of the bus!
God is our father and so we must get close to Him! !

Enjoy your Day !!!

My Father is the Driver of the bus…..

HE just rushed out without a Reply.

Hello friends, it’s been quite long time I visited the blog cuz I was writing my examinations and I just wanted a maximum seriousness towards the exam… Thank God, I am through with the stressful courses and I believe I have done my best.
Happy to continue on the Journey to success with you

archi_idea_ LAD. ** ** ** ** ** ** ** *** ***

What I’m about to share with us is meant to Open our eyes to “great things” we miss during the day(daylight) all because we are always in a hurry to enjoy our day..

On a Monday morning, Bayo woke up around past 6am and after stretching his movable parts, he went to the toilet to ease himself and later went to the bathroom to take his bath and brush his glowing teeth.. When it was 6:45am, Bayo should resume work by 7:am and his house is about 35minutes drives to the office due to traffic congestion.. **Less I forget, Bayo is a christian and a strong believer for that matter** bayo decided to have his morning devotion… Although he ought to have worship and praises then prayers and supplications, but all Bayo did was just “Thank you Lord, Help me as I go out today…as I go , Go with me” and then he rushed out to get a commercial cab.

@work, Bayo is busy organizing files meant to be presented at a bidding programme for the supply of goods.. He rehearsed and planned a perfect scheme of proposal for the contract,even his boss was pleased with his pr-presentation @ the office…. Hmmn

Hope, You are reading along?

@the programme, Bayo was called in to present the budget and plan of his company for the construction project.. He tried all his possible best but it was so unfortunate that the competiting company won with just a minor break down of proposal… Bayo was infuriated and sober at the same time,he could not control his anger towards GOD (just imagine that)
He got home and said a lot against God for letting his plans fail at the program and this was God’s reply

“You Greeted me this morning but you NEVER BOTHERED TO HEAR MY REPLY RATHER YOU ZOOMED OUT WITH HASTE,I wanted to tell you to add IN GOD WE TRUST to your Proposal but you were in a hurry Never to listen”

Hmm… Surprised ?? That’s it !!

We just RUSH out of God’s presence without a reply of how our day should be like,we do not always care to hear HIS reply when we greet HIM… We just Rush out to spend the day in our messy way. God expects us to Listen after our prayers so as to know his advice/correction/precaution/plan for our DAY …

You know what, I also make the same mistake of rushing out of GOD’s presence very early in the morning so as to meet up with lectures. BUT, perhaps God would have always wanted to tell me how my day should be like and decisions to take during the day that might make me a better person than I am @ the moment….

Pals, NEVER rush out of God’s sight… Atleast Listen to His reply…. Many would always give an excuse of not hearing from God…but don’t we think it is because we are always in a hurry when we pray/sing praises so we give no room for God to speak to us… Guess I’m right

I Pray God helps us… Once again, Never Rush out !!

God is My Reason for writing !


Awesome !!! This topic was sent to my inbox my an Online friend… @first sight of the topic, I thought within me “What would I write about this topic given to me”. I was lost in thought until I remembered I had to Just say a little prayer before putting my pen down to write …. How Great is Our GOD !! I started writing and before I knew it… The inspiration was just flowing as tho I had planned it earlier… Please endeavor to Read in-between the lines… You are meant to achieve greater things…We must be RESTORED !! Babbs209_e1t. —————————————————————————————————————- The Restored Generation

“Restored” according to the dictionary means “brought back to original position” , …

Who are the Restored Generation? That should be the first question that must come to our mind.
Then my own answer is that “We are the restored Generation” we were the lost generation that God decided to bring back through christ Jesus. Once we were lost but now we know the way to greatness in God.
If we could recall, in the Old testament during the time of ADAM(the first man),there was a very close relationship between God and man but after Eve gave Adam of the fruit of wisdom and evil..THE relationship between Man and GOD was shattered and a wide gap was created,therefore man was sent out of the Garden of eden where man could communicate face to face with God(exodus 3vs 6-24). Years later the people of Israel became God’s chosen people and children due to the promise God made to their fathers Abraham,Isaac and Jacob but yet they would always annoy,disregard and infuriate God which always leads to different punishments from God to them.
Therefore, God decided to send Jesus Christ to come and restore the relationship between God and man. Jesus came in flesh and did everything right in the sight of God,yet the people never believed in Jesus nor the words of God..Right in their presence Jesus healed the sick,open the eyes of the blind, made the lame walk, cured the woman with the issue of Blood but yet very few believed in Jesus…

Why? Because they were never ready to be the Restored Generation

Then after the death of Jesus, His disciples decided to bring nations closer to serve the living God… Jesus had already pleaded for us with the father but yet we have decided not to be restored.
God is willing to restore us back to him
I am part of the Restored Generation, but it is so sad that most of we youths are not ready to be restored for God and this is affecting our Generation…
Stand up to you feet and Say NO to evil !!! Together we can be a restored Nation and Generation….

God is searching for men who will bring back the OLD GLORY !! Men who would rise up and be restored foe greatness !!
Nigeria Needs to be a restored Nation…
Enough of corruption !!
Enough of starvation !!
Enough of depreciation’s !!
We need to be Restored and Fight for Justice… With Unity and Integrity !!

#peace. You have articles you wish to share online? Please send to my email. http://www.banjooluwafemi@yahoo.com or my BBm pin: 27B43356

PAINFULLY letting GO !!!

aloNe1. It is rare to let things that means a lot to us fade away easily, We imagine how precious they are to us and then we wish those things never go/leave us..
Here is a true life story to prove how powerful the feelings we possess for people is, this story is meant for people who are going through such circumstances to know that they are never the first and they won’t be the last.
Thanks to the owner of the story”chris”,who willingly sent me his story to publish..

…..But all you have to do is just to “bitterly Let Go”

Chris, An undergraduate of a prestigious university met Esther(who was also a student and also a departmental colleague) and after few months of friendship,They started their relationship. This “everlasting relationship” started so great, and everything was moving on fine, they were so intimate, best of friends, they feel free with one another, they have fun, and they walk so closely with one another…
They became so close that they couldn’t do without one another, But there was one thing affecting them; Chris was an introvert while Esther was a complete Extrovert. Thus, this became the beginning of a ruckus in their relationship, Chris, being a quiet guy could not control his relationship because he could not control/correct Esther, little did they know before their relationship started sweeping down the drain, After two years of their everlasting relationship, Esther changed towards chris totally, she became so aggressive and embarrasses him anywhere she dims fit, she ridiculed him and made him feel unwanted and unrecognized, before they knew it, the relationship had already fallen apart. Esther, went to meet Chris and told him she was no more interested, within a short period of time; They broke up.
*** *** *** *** *** ***
Chris, who was intimately in love with Esther became so bored with life, his lifestyle changed and he became much of an introvert, Esther on the other hand felt the breath of freedom..
* **NOW, LET’s talk about Chris;
He had already loved Esther so much, he was so much addicted to her, he wouldn’t do anything without her, it was true love…. Months after their break up,Chris was still pleading with Esther to accept him back, but she shuns him each time he brings it up. He decided to be a good friend to her since they still see frequently, but little did he know that it was just the beginning of a heart break after HEArT BREAK. Chris, who was once a complete introvert decided to become an artificial extrovert just to make Esther realize that he still loves her, he started living a forcefully social life but yet he never knew his heart would still be shattered by his EX-
Chris, who had already started a new life of liveliness wanted Esther back but Esther hated him with passion, she walks with him but she lambastes him at any opportunity she sees, ignoring him and belittles him any time she wants… The most annoying part was that she deliberately started discussing issues of her numerous boyfriends with another friend even when. Chris was right beside her, she purposely spoke loud just to hurt the heart of Chris who was there.. Chris is currently having a tough time forgetting Esther, he sees other ladies as insignificant but still likes Esther who sees him as a nobody.
Chris is confused, He loves Esther, but loves him no more.. He wants to move on, but he doesn’t know how..

What advice would you give chris?
How should he treat Esther?
He really wants to move on…..