A ~ Z of a Fulfilled life… :-) :-)


Aspire for the best always.

Be humble so that you won’t stumble.

Change is your favourite friend, not an enemy.

Determination makes the impossible possible.

Equity is your peace giver.

Failure is not a fact, but only an opinion.

God is all you need.

Hard work is the gateway to success.

Imitation is limitation.

Just keep growing.

Knowledge is power.

Love is man’s greatest free gift.

Maximise your life.

No one can help you live a fulfilled life; you have to do it yourself.

Only the optimist always expects good things to happen. Be optimistic.

Perseverance is your dream actualiser.

Quality matters more than quantity.

Risk is inevitable to success.

Stand out but do not be distant.

Tough times do not last but tough people do.

Until you win, it is not over.

Valiance not ambitions brings success.

What you need to succeed is to act as though it is impossible to fail.

Xerox can never be an original.

Your word is your strength, keep to it.

Zeal without purpose is fruitless.

Enjoy the best of life!




“Give others all that is alive in us-our interest,
understanding, our knowledge, our humor,
everything in us that’s good. In doing so, we
enhance the sense of aliveness in others
while enhancing our own. When we give, we
get a “heightened vitality” of what it means to
be human.” – Erich Fromm

True giving comes from the same place inside
you as your deepest happiness. They are
inexplicably intertwined. A gift is something
that is enjoyed twice. First by the giver who
revels in the pleasure of giving something
special and then also enjoyed by the person
who receives the gift.
With our changing economic times, everyone
is asking for help in some form. There are as
many reasons to give as there are ways to
give. Some people give for recognition. They
want their names in programs, on park
benches and in hospital lobbies. Others give
expecting to be paid back or thanked, they
give to get. Some people want a hands-on-
experience and are generous with their time.
Some like to give anonymously and don’t want
any recognition at all.
People who truly master the art of giving give
out of the goodness of their hearts with no
self-serving motives. Giving becomes a
blessing for the giver and receiver. It’s human
nature to believe, “When I have more I’ll give
more.” If you come from this mentality you
never have enough of anything to give.
Generosity is a choice that feels right and
joyful. Generosity comes from believing you
have enough to share.
You may be a bit skeptical, wondering what
exactly do you have to give? Everybody has
something of value for another person. It
could be a kind word, a simple smile, some
appreciation, the sharing of some special
knowledge, even a helping hand or a bit of
support during a difficult emotional time. You
have something to give everyone.
The act of true giving is something wonderful
and amazing. With most things in this world,
there is only a limited amount of what you
can give away. Fortunately, generosity and
kindness are not bound to these same
material limitations. One of life’s most basic
laws is “every single act of love, kindness and
generosity will multiply and return to you
many times over “. The more you give the
happier you will feel.
Many thousands of years ago a great sage in
Babylon said “The reward of charity depends
entirely upon the extent of the kindness in it.”
It is one of life’s wonderful paradoxes that you
limit the power of your giving by having an
expectation of getting something in return.
When you give without any thought or desire
for something back, your returns will be truly
Your life is like a river of energy, continually
flowing. What happens when a river stops
moving? It get very muddy, and stagnant. A
fast flowing river is full of life and clear
water. Where would you rather drink? The
acts of giving and receiving are a continuous
process of circulation that continues the flow
of your life’s energies. For one person to
receive someone else has to give. It’s a cycle
of energy that flows continually onwards.
Pause for as moment as you read this, and
take a big, deep breath. Hold it for as long as
you possibly can. As you hold it inside, notice
how uncomfortable you begin to feel when
you are holding on to something that is meant
to be released. Now, breath out, completely
and hold your breath with your lungs fully
emptied. Feel how uncomfortable you feel
when you are resisting taking in something
that you need.
True giving, without expectation of anything
in return is as effortless as breathing. How
often do you expect back from the person you
gave something to a gift of a similar or greater
value? Is this true giving or merely an
unvoiced expectation of an exchange of
similar goods? Have you ever heard anyone
saying ” I just give and give and give until I
have nothing left “? This behavior has many
other names. Self denial, self pity, martyrdom,
self righteousness to name just a few.
This is an ego based form of giving. It is
giving with an expectation of something in
return. In reality, this is not giving at all but
an un-vocalized form of barter. If, through the
act of giving, you feel that you have “lost
something or are somehow lessened” then the
gift was not truly given from your heart. Truly
giving something from the heart is an action
which will fill your life with joy. This is
where the expression to “give whole
heartedly” comes from.
The intention behind your giving is the most
important thing. The intention should always
be to create happiness for both the giver and
the receiver. If you experience resentment
and a feeling of “I don’t really want to give
this to this person, but I feel that I have to” or
“I really should give them something,” this is
probably what ultimately will come back to
you. Perhaps in this case, you need to
consider not giving the gift at all!
What you give out is what comes back in
direct proportions to the feelings you have in
the act of giving. It’s very simple. If you want
to experience more joy, give joy to others, if
you want more love, learn to give love, if you
want attention and appreciation, learn to give
appreciation to others. These are some of
life’s most precious gifts and they don’t cost
you anything. When you meet someone, you
can silently send them a blessing, wishing
them happiness, joy and laughter. This kind
of silent giving is very powerful. Do this,
(with no thought of return) and you will
suddenly find people around you opening to
you in joy and happiness.
In ancient China, Lao Tsu wrote “Kindness in
words creates confidence. Kindness in
thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in
Giving Creates Love.”

The following are gifts we all have that can
benefit others.

Give of Your Talents
Give someone an hour of coaching, offer child
care or do you have plumbing, painting, or
landscaping skills? Give things. Clean your home
and clear out your closet of unwanted things.
Give what you don’t use or need to charity. Your
junk is someone else’s treasure.

Give blood ,,, FUNNY right?
Save a life. I’ve done this on several occasions;
it’s a great feeling to know you are helping to
save someone’s life.

Give of yourself
Make someone feel loved, special and
appreciated with a visit, phone call, email, text
or card. Give a handmade gift. Give praise,
gratitude and appreciation. This creates heart-
to-heart connections.

Give a recommendation
Enrich someone’s life by sharing the discovery
of a great blog, book, restaurant, product or
service. The message you give is “This was a
great find for me and I want to share it with

Give the gift of laughter
Laughter brings health and happiness to others.
It offers physiological, psychological and spiritual
benefits. Laugh loud and laugh often with

Give an invitation
Being invited to any kind of event means people
want to be with you. When you invite someone
into your life you are saying, “I want to spend
time with you, you are important to me.

Give affection
Appropriately offer a hug, a kiss on the cheek, a
pat on the back, a touch on an arm or a tender
look. We never lose the need for affection and
acceptance. Touching heals emotional wounds.

Give good advice
Ask the question, “Do you want advice or to you
want me to listen.” If needed and wanted advice
can be life-saving. Shared insights and wisdom is
a precious gift.

Give encouragement
When people are filled with doubt and fear they
lack courage. When you inspire and motivate
someone to act on their dreams, it can be life
changing. You are making the world a better

Give without keeping score
Real giving is expecting nothing in return. Give
when you have the opportunity not because you
received something and want to return the
favor. Never hesitate to give because you gave

Give forgiveness
Forgiveness offers healing to family, friends,
coworkers and neighbors. Forgive yourself and
others in spite of memories of unlovable times.
Drop the story of what they did and what you did
and the meaning you have given it.



Give money
Giving stuff is easy. We usually don’t need or
want it… But almost everyone likes to hang on
to their money. Giving away money is more
difficult because it means less for you. Give
money because others need it. Give money
because we’re dependent on one another.

Give an act of kindness
Kindness is the easiest and most abundant gift
we have to give away. Buy Girl Scout cookies,
always open the door for the person behind you,
return your grocery cart, make cookies for your
neighbor. The list is endless. Kindness brings joy
to the giver, receiver and anyone witnessing the

Give love
It’s easy to love those who love us back.
Challenge yourself to give love to those who
deserve it the least. Make your love
unconditional. Make the world a more loving
place. Everyone will reap the benefits!
The act of giving precludes reciprocity of any
kind. It’s a manifestation of the love we feel
within, just bursting for a way out. True
giving flows freely from the heart, with the
full force of love and compassion and honest
selflessness propelling it forward. Anything
less is simply a disguised request for a
bartered transaction.

Give……and it will come back to you in good measures !!!!


…even the heaven’s confirm the genuineness and uniqueness of Jesus… mostimes I ask myself, am i Dependable? Ask yourself the same. .A dependable man is one who is sensible, and willingly decides to be perfect. .and they always act consistently. In our world of today, many are found unreliable and undependable in every areas of their lives and this is affecting the growth of the nation atlarge.We should be dependable before GOD and man.
To expatiate further, who is a dependable man?
A MAN WHO IS TRUSTWORTHY: Living to build a genuine trust in the lives of others around you.

A MAN WHO BELIEVES IN THE POSSIBILITY: thinking positive and believing you can, even when it all seems rough and stressful a journey, yet a dependable man would say, yes I can do it !
A MAN WHO IS DIFFERENT FROM OTHERS: SO DISTINCT, with a different view from others, a man whom is not willing to follow the crowd

Jesus was a man who WilL always devote time to speak with God, He wi always withdraw from th crowdy place and speak with God alone.
JEsus knew he would die but yet he never feared death nor its agony…he conquered fear itself because of his unique vision for mankind.

A MAN WHO HATES BEING IN THE CROWD: Thinking with mediocrity is the attribute of people in the crowd, but a dependable man would stand out and be the best amidst others.

A MAN WHO WILL NEVER SETTLE FOR LESS: Dependable men are not low instinct men, they never stop achieving new dreams and fulfilling them… THEY AIM BIGGER!!

A MAN WITH VISION: A man who has dreams and plans for a better future, who aspire greater than his counterparts and has a focus.

A MAN WHO LACKS FEAR: A man who does not possess fear for anything whatsoever, he is so busy winning challenges and so courageous to face his fear.
A MAN WHO HONOURS GOD: This is the most important attribute of a dependable man, acknowledging God in all ways so that HE can direct his path.


YOu want to give up? It’s not yet time.

Successful People Choose Differently, they don’t give up because some lazy bones are giving up…

The worst thing in the world is when your dad gets into a financial problem while you’re really young and you have to leave your hometown with your family! In the new city, dad is better off and life gets better.
I was surfing the internet and I stumbled across this wonderful true life story of Shahrokh Zahiri (a young guy who never gave up)……

It was during his high school years that he lost his father. He had to start all over again! Everything got more difficult… Before he could get his high school diploma, he had to start working to support his family. Back then he was only 17. We’re certain that ShahrokhT, the hero of our story, will succeed, but why is it that in almost all the stories I tell, the successful people have always been through so much?That is cuz they were ready to pass through the fire to be MaDe !

It’s not just them who have been through lot; everyone experiences the hardship at some point in their lives…. especially Pharmacy school, lol….

When ordinary people face a problem, they actually feel happy for the fact that they found an excuse to stop working and let go of everything even if it’s half done. But in this kind of situation, successful people don’t act like others and therefore they succeed.

In this story, I’m trying to remind that these two groups have been created by the same God. Successful people choose differently, meaning that they choose the difficult path.

Shahrokh could easily choose to stop studying due to his father’s death and family’s financial problems and just say I have to work instead of studying, and whoever listened to his story would have surely agreed with his decision. But, with all the hardship in his life, Shahrokh was completing his diploma in literature. And the interesting thing was that he was even trying to get into university to study a major in Law. This field of study was really difficult for someone who is working as well.

But Shahrokh studied, studied and studied! That year 4000 people were competing for a place in the Law facility at Tehran University and I could easily say that none of them were providing for their families. Only a small number of people could get in and since when you try not only for yourself, God will help you more. He got into Tehran University. He was living in Qom (a city close to Tehran) and he traveled to Tehran 3 times a week to attend his classes. The rest of the days he worked to support his family.

With all his efforts, his life was on a good path until the age of 28 when he was diagnosed with a pulmonary problem, which later on the doctor told him that he had tuberculosis. That was the same disease which killed his father.

He was scared, but never gave up hope. He remembered all the obstacles he had encountered in his life and so, he started to fight again, but this time it was for his health. Even though he was working two jobs, he tried so hard to fight and finally he succeeded in defeating the disease.

He had big dreams, but even though he was trying really hard, as he moved forward he felt as if he was moving further away from his dreams. He was facing a lot of problems at work and on the other hand his disease and other life’s problems were pushing him away from his goals.

But Shahrokh Zahiri never gave up; even though now he was 42 years old and most people around his age were starting to think about retirement, with great courage he opened up a factory, producing new products which were never seen before in Iran. It takes a lot of courage to introduce tomato sauce and mayonnaise to people who only used yogurt and egg whites. But Shahrokh Zahiri learnt the courage to live from all the previous years (from his childhood). He listened to his heart which said: have faith, and you’ll succeed.

When people saw his sauces, they would ask: are they edible or not?


With different techniques, he introduced this new product into ordinary peoples household.

He managed to start up the company with the name of “Mahram” and unless you read his life story, you wouldn’t believe that a brand, which has more than 10 factories and more than 10,000 employees, was started by someone at the age of 42 with a small amount of investment.

Unfortunately at the age of 48 his heart grew weak and the doctors told him that he might only be able to live for a short time but, it’s close to 40 years that he continues to live with his battery operated heart since his heart beats for his country. At the age of 84, he works 12 hours a day with his weak heart to teach a lesson of effort and perseverance to the students who stop working when they catch the flu.

Let’s summarize Shahrokh Zahiri’s lessons:

Just like all the other successful people, we have to be prepared for the obstacles in life and we have to believe that we can overcome them.

The physical problems that we come across shouldn’t pull us away from trying, even if they are life threatening.

Death of loved ones, financial and family problems do not have the power to stand in a way of ones efforts. These problems can’t stand in the way of brave men and women like you and I to continue studying or working.

He has two recommendations for the youth: Firstly is that to put your pride a side for yourself, family and your work. He says back then he was the only person in his company with a bachelor degree and used to get to work so much earlier than his illiterate colleagues to clean everywhere even though it wasn’t his duty. He did it just because he enjoyed it and liked cleanliness.
Mahram’s great success never caused him to become too proud and in all his charity trips he did everything he could to make the kids happy.

Secondly, he owes his success to his teachers, university and business. He believes that people, who do not respect their teacher, will definitely face failure in life.

He worked two shifts through his life.

A message to take with you from this story:
If you want to reach your goal before anyone else, you have to run faster than the rest towards your goals. This is the only way you can get there quicker.

Hmmn… we need to stretch ourselves beyond the limit!!


Camera 360My first post for this year, i congratulate everyone of us for seeing and witnessing once again another new year… At about past 12am yesterday at church DURING THE CROSS OVER NIGHT….The vicar asked us to tell God what we want this year, then i sat adn while everyone was busy praying with a roaring force as tho heaven will fall, i was thinking carefully of what to ask God and wonderfully something hit my mind like a pushed rock…. it was ‘’success’’ that came to my mind..
Oops, i was not contented with my hearts repy, so i kept on thinking but lo, success kept on ringing the alarm in my heart, and so i prayed for success..(lol, all these took place within 3mins)
We got home at about past 2p.m after surviving series of banger/ knockout attacks at the church compound… on getting home, dad called us for family prayer which we did and we all dashed into our various rooms… i decided to watch a movie cuz i wasn’t feeling sleepy at all, then i remembered my first request in 2015…. ‘’Lord,make me successful in everything’’
sounds like every normal prayer, right?

But then i sat and thought about it, why pray for success….. then i started to write what came to my mind…..
Success…achievement of ones aim or goal, success is a broad word and it spreads through every area of ones life… let me broaden our knowledge about success..
Success can be found in so many categories.. academics, spiritual, finance,marital,profession,health e.t.c
I would have felt bad if i only prayed for an upliftment in my academics or financial upgrade, oh ! i would have felt stupid.
I knew success encompasses all these things and if i wanted all…. i just need to be successful in all…

A man of God is not reconed with, by God or man except he is successful in his ministry as a spiritual father of the nation….. that the success i asked for

A student is not duely respected by teachers,lecturers and course mates except he has attained a level of success for any class he is in…. thats the success i asked for
A man is not honoured or celebrated except he is successful financially…thats financial success from God..
N.B : I am not talking about being the richest man in the world, of course it isn’t the real success but being wealthy and generous is success.
A man is not proved responsible and manly enough if he can’t cordinate his family,spread love amidst his children and be celebrated as a father… wow! , marital success .
A man is not seen as a role model, an icon or a mentor if he is not successful in his choosen field… thats success in profession.
A man is not fit enough if he is not successful health wise, health is weath… therefore, health is needed to be successful….
And many more……
So, i prayed for the right thing… i can’t make heaven if i am not successful in christ Jesus…. yea

The same i pray for everyone reading this post…You shall be successful in every ramification.

Happy new year.


IMG_20141230_074136Wow! Wow! Wow!

MY LAST POST FOR THE YEAR 2014…….29/12/2014

Listening to ‘’DAYS OF ELIJAH’’ by Donnie Mc-clockin
Hmmn, everyone is happy to see the last few days of the year 2014…. many started with us but they are no more alive, many wittnessed the christmas on Thursday but todAY,thet are gone.
I wanna use this unique medium to appreciate everyone who made my year great, without you guys..there wouldnt have been Oluwafemi Babbs. Thanks for keeping yourself updated with my blog, thanks for reading my posts cuz i already quit until someone sent me an email asking me why i decided not to feed him with my motivational articles anymore, i was glad and i felt the eagerness to blog within me again, thaNKS TO all those who followed my blog,liked and commented.. a special thanks to those who willingly sent me their stories to be published on the blog……. If i am to mention names, i would never be able to complete it but yet, there is someone whom i must mwntion his name……GOD!, I appreciate God for giving me the privilege to write, the wisdom and the uderstandung he has give a young warlock like me…. it gladdens my heart when i share mind and thoughts with alot of you, atleast with my liitle strength… i have helped lives through God.
A new year knocks on our doors, and i pray that we all will wittness that prosperous new year….
Most of us hates motivations cuz it tells us to do things that we think are immpossibl to us, most times it seems true but the truth is….many will fail and fail again and then fail again, get frustrated, more frustrated and then become so unfortunate to the extent of commiting sucide but motivations chained and devoured frustration…. motivations gives us reasons why we really need to try again or why we must never quit no matter what….. If people are not motivated, dtermination would become a thing of the past, even God sent the holy spirit to comfort humans and the holyspirit took charge….. God has made us helpers of one another, we are our brothers keeper so we must motivare ourselves to perfporm exploits. I am happy because alot have survived the storm of this world through God by beng motivated one way or the other…. our daily lives wotks on motivation….
You woke up, went to the bathroom and took your bath..if you are noy motivated to dom so, you wont. You took your breakfast even when you are not hungry, if you are not motivated to eat, you wont You decided to go to school on a motor cycle, yes; you did that cuz u motivated yourself to take a bike…
Every year is filled with numerous trials, but believe within yourself that for year 2015, there would be certainty of success and victory after your trials. Have it in mind that the storm will soon be over,
. being alive today means, there is still hhope for tomorrow.
Don’t give up in year 2015, God sees your pain and the moment of victory is near….. cuz God will never let go of you..REMEMBER THAT. Thank you so much for making my year a fruitful one, you all gave me hope when i alredfy gave up, you made me realise that there are lots of lives i must touch and revive.. I am grateful and with God, our 2015 will be better than our 2014.
ONCE AGAIN, HAPPY NEW YEAR IN ADVANCE READERS……….Oluwafemi adores you all…. good bye for now
My 2015 will be a very busy one but with God, i will keep us all updated



Thought about quiting …… then I noticed who was watching..

I got this attractive title from an edited picture on the social network..and then something struck my mind….why don’t you write something little about this?

MOST great men quit without even considering that young guy afar off who is watching them… In whatever we do in life, learn to always consider those who might be looking up to you.
Don’t quit because you feel like,
Don’t quit because it is about you…..

Jesus didn’t quit because he knew his disciples were watching his steps.

Abraham Lincoln,after 30 years of failure…yet he didn’t quit because he knew his determination would be a source of motivation to the world.

Benjamin Carson, even with a very hunble beginning, raised by a single mother and struggled to get to the top….yet he didn’t quit because he knew People like me would look up to him, read his books and watch his lifestyle.

Wherever you are,
Whatever poat you occupy,
Whatever that is being entrusted in your care…. always remember, before you quit… someone is busy watching …don’t make them feel limited because you decided to be limited….

Never Quit, when you quit..surely you have affected a life negatively.

I almost quit writing because I thought no one knows me, I felt I was just sowing in the air but later I realized I was sowing into fertile lives..

Someone is always watching you….who is watching?



Hello readers, hope you are good today?

This might be funny to some people,it might be new to some, it might be outdated to some but to few; it is a key to determination.              During my first year in the institution, our faculty president told us a story that really helped some of my mates and so i have decided to share the same with us today.

Most people are in school because their parents wanted them to be educated, some are studying a particular course because they were pushed to it,many make decisions because their parents want them to make such,they are choiceless because they can’t make decisions without their parents. Never mind whosoever pushed you into it,your focus should be on how to achieve and come out with distinct remarks to show that you are never a failure.

Here is a story he told us then……….

There reigned a very powerful and unique king who had a very beautiful daughter who was grown up to be given in marriage to any suitable suitor, the king decided that he wont force his daughter to marry a prince or a wealthy man but any man who can satisfy the king by fulfilling a test given by the king. One day the king called out to all the able men in the town and those afar off,he gathered them in front of a dangerous river in the outskirt of the village and gave his order that any man that can swim through the river to the other side of the river will have his daughters hand in marriage. Everyone was surprised and none was ready to jump into the river and swim across, suddenly a man was seen in the river swimming wih absolute strength and determination, everyone started hailing him and yelling out to support his courage,even the princess felt honoured to see a man with such courage swimming through crocodiles just to have her hand in marriAGE…..


Few minutes later, a young man had already swam to the other end of the river.. and do you know the first thing he said?
He said…. WHO PUSHED ME ? lols
The young man never wished nor had the courage to jump into the river filled with hungry crocodiles but he had no choice than to swim with his greatest strength when someone pushed him into the river,he knew if he didn’t swim fast and swift..he would be devoured by the hungry crocodiles in the river.
Friends, forget about whoever pushed you into what you are doing now or the course you are studying presently, forget about whoever persuaded you to buy a car you can’t maintain, forget about whoever decieved you into that business…..the truth is YOU ARE ALREADY INTO IT. You should be focused on achieving and scaling through, do not waste time trying to ask who pushed you into the river while you are still in the river rather make sure you swim through first and then question whosoever later.. by then you would have achieved in life, becoming the best even though you never planned it.
NOTE: get to the other side of the river before you get caught while asking who pushed
you into it cuz by then you would have been forgotten.
ENJOY THE NEW WEEK AND REMEMBER…..probably you ought to be in that river…
OLUWAfemi Babbs ….
http://www.banjooluwafemi@yahoo.com bbm:7F787947

YOU STILL STAND A CHANCE, try once more ….

Good afternoon Readers, it’s been a while I posted here..
I have been abit busy with school and some other side attractions but my mind is always here because this is my little way of contributing to my society.

My article for today was born out of a curious mind, a mind that believed in GOD + HOPE !! And that should be our believes also…. Our HOPe with GOD will take us high even if we have to face enough challenges that would wreck us and bend us…… I believe in No one except GOD !!

Quote for the day :The Solution of Nigeria is not from ASO~ROCK but from YOU and I ! #Ready for a CHaNge ! #rapid #abrupt. CHAnGe !!! #BLASt !

Oops !! That was a powerful side attraction!! Back to my article for today !!
Sit back, scroll through and read in between the Lines, the treasure you seek for might be in between the Lines….

YOU STILL STAND A CHANCE, just try once more !!

My fear : A lot of youths have labelled themselves as “FAILURES” without even trying once more even when GOD already predestined your success story !!

Failure is not a stigma…. Quitting without trying once more is the “SHAME”

Here is a story for you (sent to me by one of my readers), it might not be enough to convince you but atleast it will prove to you that you shouldn’t stop trying, try just one more time!!

Eniola Graduated from Secondary at the age of 16(2007) with the Hope of gaining admission into the higher institution of Learning,even though without a fixed profession but she was sure of gaining admission due to her brilliancy.. Eniola wrote the west African Examination and after the release of the result, brilliant eniola passed all her subjects except for Mathematics … Eniola thought it happened because it was her first trial, Eniola never knew she would be a trial story of failure for years.
Eniola wrote the Waec GCE for that year, the Result was not released…. *a year. Gone* … The Next year Eniola enrolled at a secondary school Far from her home to avoid shame, She read and did her best to pass the Exam, paid for answers during the exam, but all to no avail after the result was released, she failed Mathematics…(2008)
Note: Eniola was not a weak mathematics student, infact her secondary school examination results were evidence to prove.
Her Parents were already bothered , so they decided to enrol her in a coaching class expecting a positive result during the upcoming waec Gce(2008), she tried her best , even her tutors approved her ability to score high in mathematics, But the shocking news was that after the Exam;Eniola’s result was not released. *sad* isn’t it? Her friends were already in their second year at their various institutions , some even mocked her and made it clear to her that going to school might not be her predestined way of survival in life, Eniola faced humiliation at Home,church and in the neighbourhood.. Her Parents forced her to Learn handy works (tailoring) which she learnt for over two Years( late 2008 – early 2011). Eniola was never ready to loose courage and determination of being a university Graduate, after her freedom from the tailoring work; Eniola secured O’level tutorial teachers with her earnings from the first few months in the tailoring industry to take her the core Subjects she needs for Her Waec Gce by September 2011… She also secured a Jamb form which led to uproars amidst her family members
Her mum went against her foolish idea of aiming at admission even when o’level isn’t secured,
Her siblings frustrated her with instances of impossiblilty thinking they were advising her,
Her friends warned her to avoid wasting her money when she knows mathematics is her Limit,
But her Father had believe in her, not because he paid for her enrolment but because he was proud of her Courage !!

Determined Eniola Prepared for the examinations against all Odds, against discouragement from friends and families… She chose Pharmacy for her first and second choice at University of Lagos, wrote the Jamb examinations and had 268 (thank God Mathematics was not required as one of her four courses), She was so Happy, she went for the Post Jamb exam and scored an appreciable mark that earned her an admission into the University to study Pharmacy….. But yet No one believed she would Pass Her O”level courses to proceed for her admission registrations @ UNILAG… September 2011, Eniola Wrote the Waec GCe examination with fear but coined with GOD and Hope… Friends prayed(even though they were against her) but yet Her HOPE never wavered nor diminished …. LATE december, few days before christmas( Dec.25), the Examination result was released ; Eniola could not check the result cuz she had almost Lost courage, not as if she doubted God but she is a weak human who was scared of the future…..
Fortunately Dec. 29, Eniola went to Check her result and behold her Mathematics result was shocking!!! She had B3 in Mathematics, A Young lady who once Had f9, f9, cancelled result,f9 … Had to wait for over two years and yet could have B3 without anyone’s help or assistance….
Presently, Eniola is a 400level pharmacy student of Unilag… She knew she still has the Chance and she tried once more before quitting

Readers, I know most of you might have passed through something more than this and yet you are not yet where you ought or wish to be…. You still stand a chance, try once more before quitting….. Your Hope in GOD and your determinations goes a long way in helping you….

#i Love you for you Courage !!
# stand up tight and defeat your fear !!

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The WISE and the FOOLISH!

ßƐƐ FѠƐSĤ™ ✗.... ——————————————————– ::::::::::::::::::::______________::::::::::::::::::::::::: The Difference In Similarities Between The Wise And The Foolish

Over the years, I have
been forced to ask myself
so many questions; I have
been forced to know why
the wise are wise and why
the foolish are foolish.
During the course of my
research, I realized that
the wise and the foolish
both have 24 hours and in
the course of using this 24
hours, they do almost the
same things. I had to go
further in my research and
then discovered that in
doing these same things,
there are a whole lot of
differences. These
differences distinguish
the wise from the foolish.
I will begin explaining
these differences in
similarity which will be
released in 2 parts.

The wise and the foolish both procrastinate.
The Wise Man procrastinates about the less important things ( watching a movie, visiting a friend for less important
discussion) so he can create more than enough
space for more important things.

The Foolish Man procrastinates about the more important things (reading books, doing important projects and assignments, making important decisions) so he
can create more than enough space for less important things.

The wise and the foolish sleep late.
The Wise Man sleeps late as a result of carrying out relevant planning (visions
to be laid out, goals to be set, plans to be activated,
critical thinking and brainstorming).

The Foolish Man sleeps late as a result of giving too much relevance to irrelevant activities (watching movies, playing games, irrelevant chats, arguments and discussions).

The wise and the foolish work hard.
The Wise Man works hard in the sense that he is always involved in planning. He plans on how his business will grow, how he can achieve his goals to establish his vision, how he can ensure that things work out as planned; he is always trying new techniques, ideas and innovations. He is always busy just to ensure that everything he does flourishes.

The Foolish Man is alsoinvolved in hard work because he spends most of his physical and mental energy to ensure that the wise man achieves his vision. He is not ready to
pass through the stress and rigors of thinking and bringing out ideas for himself. He prefers to work for the wise man, get paid and go about doing other irrelevant activities.

The wise and the foolish both know about opportunities.
The Wise Man understands that opportunities are everywhere, so he looks for them. When he finds these opportunities, he make all best use of them. Just like when Joseph was in the prison with one of Pharaoh’s chief servants – he saw it as an opportunity When the servant was released from the prison, Joseph asked him to tell Pharaoh about him. After a while, the servant told
Pharaoh about Joseph and when Joseph had the opportunity to speak to Pharaoh, he utilized it. David also saw Goliath as an opportunity others did not see and he used it to get a step closer to being the next king of Israel. Wise people see their search for opportunities
as one of their reasons for genuine success.

The Foolish Man blames his being poor on lack of
opportunities. He very often uses words like “If I had my Masters degree, I would have been better than this”; “If I had known this man, I would have been richer than this”. He does not look for opportunities; he expects
opportunities to come knocking and even when an opportunity comes, he is never prepared.

The wise and the foolish spend money.
The Wise Man invests his money first and spendswhat is left. He spends his money on his needs and his important wants. He doesn’t spend his money to buy all that his heart desires to buy; he spends his money on things that
are actually necessary at that particular period of time. He takes the pain to cut his spending so he can also start saving for future investments. He is very accountable and
prudent in his spending. The Foolish Man spends all he earns and invests little or nothing from what he earns. When he gets money is when he remembers that he is meant to buy these, he is supposed to pay for these and go shopping for that. He has little or no plan for saving
and most times he doesn’t have any plan for present
or future investments. He is not accountable and prudent in his spending.

I am sure you have learnt something important from the first five similarities in difference. Always remember that it is not about reading the article, but applying what you have learnt to bring out a better you.

— Copyright © 2013
Seun Emmanuel Alaofin