Failure to Prepare,Failure to succeed
“THe Journey to success is never a child’s play”

Life’s battle don’t always go to the strongest or fastest man, but soon or later the man who wins is the man who believes he CAN!

When u fail to prepare, it is only God that can help !!
Until u leave d level of mediocrity, surely success is far!

Steps to Prepare:

*Never Run away from your mistakes, c dem as stepping stones and lessons you ought to learn from..

*Have a positive thought always. “I Can !

* Stand firm, always believe in yourself even when the closest people to you do not believe in you.
Don’t let people dictate for you, even when they criticize u, u must be FIRM !!

Never fail to prepare, Because when you do… YoU are simply expecting the worse !
Failure to Prepare is definitely failure to succeed !!

Quote: It is never too late to prepare. For what you might have prepared for(babbs)
Why must we get to a stage before we start
achieving dreams?

Why must we waste our time on today neglecting

We youths are so attached to this moments of our
lives,trying to enjoy it to the fullest and ignoring
the future. It saddens my heart when I see youths without dreams or visions roaming around the street and then we all expect to be rich and wealthy; IS IT THROUGH MAGIC ?

we don’t have to wait till we graduate before we
start planning how our profession/business would

We don’t have to wait till we clock 26years before
we start thinking of having a wonderful wife and

We don’t have to clock 40years before we start
thinking of when to get our car(s) and build our
own house(s).

I have made up my mind to start preparing now, I have to plan my future with God so as to be celebrated in the future.. Many people don’t really understand why I’m always quiet, they don’t know why I prefer to be alone most times.. IT is because I am preparing for success and I don’t want to be diverted from my GOAL !!

We don’t have to graduate from school before we
start thinking of what we have to do to help our

We have to start planning our future from this
moment,making a sketch of our visions and
dreams. . Because a day will come that we won’t be
able to do the things we ought to have done,lets do
it now !

Our tomorrow is extremely important than our
today,why not prepare for tomorrow today, so
that we can enjoy and be fulfilled with our

Why not do what others WON’T do TODAY so
that TOMMOROW we would be able to do what
others CAN’T do.

Remember, your tomorrow would justify your
success in life and not your today…

When you FAIL to prepare, surely you will FAIL to succeed, it isn’t a curse rather it is the truth !

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