…even the heaven’s confirm the genuineness and uniqueness of Jesus… mostimes I ask myself, am i Dependable? Ask yourself the same. .A dependable man is one who is sensible, and willingly decides to be perfect. .and they always act consistently. In our world of today, many are found unreliable and undependable in every areas of their lives and this is affecting the growth of the nation atlarge.We should be dependable before GOD and man.
To expatiate further, who is a dependable man?
A MAN WHO IS TRUSTWORTHY: Living to build a genuine trust in the lives of others around you.

A MAN WHO BELIEVES IN THE POSSIBILITY: thinking positive and believing you can, even when it all seems rough and stressful a journey, yet a dependable man would say, yes I can do it !
A MAN WHO IS DIFFERENT FROM OTHERS: SO DISTINCT, with a different view from others, a man whom is not willing to follow the crowd

Jesus was a man who WilL always devote time to speak with God, He wi always withdraw from th crowdy place and speak with God alone.
JEsus knew he would die but yet he never feared death nor its agony…he conquered fear itself because of his unique vision for mankind.

A MAN WHO HATES BEING IN THE CROWD: Thinking with mediocrity is the attribute of people in the crowd, but a dependable man would stand out and be the best amidst others.

A MAN WHO WILL NEVER SETTLE FOR LESS: Dependable men are not low instinct men, they never stop achieving new dreams and fulfilling them… THEY AIM BIGGER!!

A MAN WITH VISION: A man who has dreams and plans for a better future, who aspire greater than his counterparts and has a focus.

A MAN WHO LACKS FEAR: A man who does not possess fear for anything whatsoever, he is so busy winning challenges and so courageous to face his fear.
A MAN WHO HONOURS GOD: This is the most important attribute of a dependable man, acknowledging God in all ways so that HE can direct his path.



Talent could be described as God’s given unique difference to human being.According to BBC
english dictionary,talent was defined as a natural ability to do something well.

It was clearly discovered that out of 100% humans with talent,20% humans are making use of their talent wisely and dutifully,while 40% are flunctuating ,trying to achieve dreams that are not meant for them,and the remaining 40% don’t even have visions,neither do they have dreams at all.If you have a talent,make use of it for GOD,yourself and your society.

we all possess different spiritual talents and until we seek or pray for it we can’t have it,and even after having it we must use it for the glory of God by being open minded to those who will benefit from it.Also we have physical talents e.g Writing articles,gospel novels,christian motivational scripts,art works,sports,singing,acting on stage,wisdom in speaking and alot more.We must make sure our talents are used to Honour our creator,just as it was written in the Holy Bible that”LET THE WORLD SEE YOUR GOOD WORKS,THAT THEY MAY GLORIFY YOUR FATHER IN HEAVEN”

Talent is never meant for selfish interests but rather to develop ourselves and our society.
Talent must be discovered,the world would bow before you and heaven would be glorified.


I discovered my talents by doing what i like doing most,i discovered that script writing and acting on stage are what i like doing most,once i hold my pen..Whatever the topic is,in as much as it is not corrupt i feel comfortable to write it and this gets me inspired because it is confirmed that i was created for a greater purpose and task.
Talent must not be used to oppress the less privileged(those who d0 not have such talent),rather it must be a source of inspiration to everyone around us.He who oppresses with His/Her talent would surely be stripped off such talent..Remember what was said in Luke chpt. 19 vs 26”FOR I SAY UNTO YOU,THAT UNTO EVERYONE WHICH HATH SHALL BE GIVEN; AND FROM HIM THAT HATH NOT, EVEN THAT HE HATH SHALL BE TAKEN AWAY FROM HIM” . I pray our dreams and talents would not be taken from us through our Pride and segregating lifestyle.

FINALLY, be contentented with whatever talent God has given you,your talent can save our Nation,your dreams can turn this country back to JESUS.

One love….


Thought about quiting …… then I noticed who was watching..

I got this attractive title from an edited picture on the social network..and then something struck my mind….why don’t you write something little about this?

MOST great men quit without even considering that young guy afar off who is watching them… In whatever we do in life, learn to always consider those who might be looking up to you.
Don’t quit because you feel like,
Don’t quit because it is about you…..

Jesus didn’t quit because he knew his disciples were watching his steps.

Abraham Lincoln,after 30 years of failure…yet he didn’t quit because he knew his determination would be a source of motivation to the world.

Benjamin Carson, even with a very hunble beginning, raised by a single mother and struggled to get to the top….yet he didn’t quit because he knew People like me would look up to him, read his books and watch his lifestyle.

Wherever you are,
Whatever poat you occupy,
Whatever that is being entrusted in your care…. always remember, before you quit… someone is busy watching …don’t make them feel limited because you decided to be limited….

Never Quit, when you quit..surely you have affected a life negatively.

I almost quit writing because I thought no one knows me, I felt I was just sowing in the air but later I realized I was sowing into fertile lives..

Someone is always watching you….who is watching?


…. When I first heard this wonderful story from a preacher, I was so glad and I felt the presence of God.
** **My Father is the Driver of the Bus ** **
On a sunny day,an Old man was standing at the bus stop waiting for the bus that would pick him up to his destination(this old man had waited for long expecting the bus to come) he was sweating profusely due to the heat from the sun.
Later on, a young boy also got to the bus stop, greeted the old man and passed by him to a farther place to wait for the bus,the old man was surprised that the boy had already walked past the bus stop but he didn’t bother to tell the young boy…. Some minutes later, the bus arrived at the bus stop but shockingly the bus bypassed the old man and stopped right in front of the boy. The old man was shocked and amazed that the bus didn’t stop at the bus stop so he had to run after the bus in order to catch up with it. Fortunately, he go into the bus..he went straight to where the young boy was sitting and the first question he asked was that “HOW DID YOU KNOW WHERE THE BUS WOULD STOP” the young boy smiled and replied “MY FATHER Is THE DRIVER OF THE BUS AND HE HAD ALREADY TOLD ME WHErE TO wAIT”

Wow !! Did you get that?
GOD is our father, the young boy knew his father more than the old man…. When we get closer to God, He reveals things that are important and special to us..He treats us like as his OWN !
MY father is the driver of the bus!
God is our father and so we must get close to Him! !

Enjoy your Day !!!

My Father is the Driver of the bus…..


Awesome !!! This topic was sent to my inbox my an Online friend… @first sight of the topic, I thought within me “What would I write about this topic given to me”. I was lost in thought until I remembered I had to Just say a little prayer before putting my pen down to write …. How Great is Our GOD !! I started writing and before I knew it… The inspiration was just flowing as tho I had planned it earlier… Please endeavor to Read in-between the lines… You are meant to achieve greater things…We must be RESTORED !! Babbs209_e1t. —————————————————————————————————————- The Restored Generation

“Restored” according to the dictionary means “brought back to original position” , …

Who are the Restored Generation? That should be the first question that must come to our mind.
Then my own answer is that “We are the restored Generation” we were the lost generation that God decided to bring back through christ Jesus. Once we were lost but now we know the way to greatness in God.
If we could recall, in the Old testament during the time of ADAM(the first man),there was a very close relationship between God and man but after Eve gave Adam of the fruit of wisdom and evil..THE relationship between Man and GOD was shattered and a wide gap was created,therefore man was sent out of the Garden of eden where man could communicate face to face with God(exodus 3vs 6-24). Years later the people of Israel became God’s chosen people and children due to the promise God made to their fathers Abraham,Isaac and Jacob but yet they would always annoy,disregard and infuriate God which always leads to different punishments from God to them.
Therefore, God decided to send Jesus Christ to come and restore the relationship between God and man. Jesus came in flesh and did everything right in the sight of God,yet the people never believed in Jesus nor the words of God..Right in their presence Jesus healed the sick,open the eyes of the blind, made the lame walk, cured the woman with the issue of Blood but yet very few believed in Jesus…

Why? Because they were never ready to be the Restored Generation

Then after the death of Jesus, His disciples decided to bring nations closer to serve the living God… Jesus had already pleaded for us with the father but yet we have decided not to be restored.
God is willing to restore us back to him
I am part of the Restored Generation, but it is so sad that most of we youths are not ready to be restored for God and this is affecting our Generation…
Stand up to you feet and Say NO to evil !!! Together we can be a restored Nation and Generation….

God is searching for men who will bring back the OLD GLORY !! Men who would rise up and be restored foe greatness !!
Nigeria Needs to be a restored Nation…
Enough of corruption !!
Enough of starvation !!
Enough of depreciation’s !!
We need to be Restored and Fight for Justice… With Unity and Integrity !!

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