Camera 360My first post for this year, i congratulate everyone of us for seeing and witnessing once again another new year… At about past 12am yesterday at church DURING THE CROSS OVER NIGHT….The vicar asked us to tell God what we want this year, then i sat adn while everyone was busy praying with a roaring force as tho heaven will fall, i was thinking carefully of what to ask God and wonderfully something hit my mind like a pushed rock…. it was ‘’success’’ that came to my mind..
Oops, i was not contented with my hearts repy, so i kept on thinking but lo, success kept on ringing the alarm in my heart, and so i prayed for success..(lol, all these took place within 3mins)
We got home at about past 2p.m after surviving series of banger/ knockout attacks at the church compound… on getting home, dad called us for family prayer which we did and we all dashed into our various rooms… i decided to watch a movie cuz i wasn’t feeling sleepy at all, then i remembered my first request in 2015…. ‘’Lord,make me successful in everything’’
sounds like every normal prayer, right?

But then i sat and thought about it, why pray for success….. then i started to write what came to my mind…..
Success…achievement of ones aim or goal, success is a broad word and it spreads through every area of ones life… let me broaden our knowledge about success..
Success can be found in so many categories.. academics, spiritual, finance,marital,profession,health e.t.c
I would have felt bad if i only prayed for an upliftment in my academics or financial upgrade, oh ! i would have felt stupid.
I knew success encompasses all these things and if i wanted all…. i just need to be successful in all…

A man of God is not reconed with, by God or man except he is successful in his ministry as a spiritual father of the nation….. that the success i asked for

A student is not duely respected by teachers,lecturers and course mates except he has attained a level of success for any class he is in…. thats the success i asked for
A man is not honoured or celebrated except he is successful financially…thats financial success from God..
N.B : I am not talking about being the richest man in the world, of course it isn’t the real success but being wealthy and generous is success.
A man is not proved responsible and manly enough if he can’t cordinate his family,spread love amidst his children and be celebrated as a father… wow! , marital success .
A man is not seen as a role model, an icon or a mentor if he is not successful in his choosen field… thats success in profession.
A man is not fit enough if he is not successful health wise, health is weath… therefore, health is needed to be successful….
And many more……
So, i prayed for the right thing… i can’t make heaven if i am not successful in christ Jesus…. yea

The same i pray for everyone reading this post…You shall be successful in every ramification.

Happy new year.


HE just rushed out without a Reply.

Hello friends, it’s been quite long time I visited the blog cuz I was writing my examinations and I just wanted a maximum seriousness towards the exam… Thank God, I am through with the stressful courses and I believe I have done my best.
Happy to continue on the Journey to success with you

archi_idea_ LAD. ** ** ** ** ** ** ** *** ***

What I’m about to share with us is meant to Open our eyes to “great things” we miss during the day(daylight) all because we are always in a hurry to enjoy our day..

On a Monday morning, Bayo woke up around past 6am and after stretching his movable parts, he went to the toilet to ease himself and later went to the bathroom to take his bath and brush his glowing teeth.. When it was 6:45am, Bayo should resume work by 7:am and his house is about 35minutes drives to the office due to traffic congestion.. **Less I forget, Bayo is a christian and a strong believer for that matter** bayo decided to have his morning devotion… Although he ought to have worship and praises then prayers and supplications, but all Bayo did was just “Thank you Lord, Help me as I go out today…as I go , Go with me” and then he rushed out to get a commercial cab.

@work, Bayo is busy organizing files meant to be presented at a bidding programme for the supply of goods.. He rehearsed and planned a perfect scheme of proposal for the contract,even his boss was pleased with his pr-presentation @ the office…. Hmmn

Hope, You are reading along?

@the programme, Bayo was called in to present the budget and plan of his company for the construction project.. He tried all his possible best but it was so unfortunate that the competiting company won with just a minor break down of proposal… Bayo was infuriated and sober at the same time,he could not control his anger towards GOD (just imagine that)
He got home and said a lot against God for letting his plans fail at the program and this was God’s reply

“You Greeted me this morning but you NEVER BOTHERED TO HEAR MY REPLY RATHER YOU ZOOMED OUT WITH HASTE,I wanted to tell you to add IN GOD WE TRUST to your Proposal but you were in a hurry Never to listen”

Hmm… Surprised ?? That’s it !!

We just RUSH out of God’s presence without a reply of how our day should be like,we do not always care to hear HIS reply when we greet HIM… We just Rush out to spend the day in our messy way. God expects us to Listen after our prayers so as to know his advice/correction/precaution/plan for our DAY …

You know what, I also make the same mistake of rushing out of GOD’s presence very early in the morning so as to meet up with lectures. BUT, perhaps God would have always wanted to tell me how my day should be like and decisions to take during the day that might make me a better person than I am @ the moment….

Pals, NEVER rush out of God’s sight… Atleast Listen to His reply…. Many would always give an excuse of not hearing from God…but don’t we think it is because we are always in a hurry when we pray/sing praises so we give no room for God to speak to us… Guess I’m right

I Pray God helps us… Once again, Never Rush out !!

God is My Reason for writing !