Steps on how to have a successful stay in school….


Here are steps to having a successful stay in school

~ Make good thuse of your agenda:
Don’t just come to school, have a daily plan of how you will spend your day. Set time limits on each courses or assignments.

~ School is important:
Don’t just hide in your room reading big and irrelevant textbooks in other to be considered as a serious person. You need school to have a good character which will prepare you for the outside world.

~ Care about your Grade Point Average (GPA) :
Your GPA is important to you, with an appreciable GPA you can stand firm and rejoice at the end of session.

~ Make the right set of friends this semester:
Probably you made the wrong set of friends last semester,this is an opportunity to make things right… Your kind of friend reflects who you are.

~ Don’t compare yourself with others…. be yourself

~ Don’t procastinate
Procastination is a robber of destiny….DO what you must do on time.

~ Eat Breakfast and Lunch …..
It sounds funny….but food is essential

~ Stay healthy

~ Never give up.


REMEMBER, you can do it better this semester…….. when things go wrong as they sometimes will, when the road you are trudging seems all uphill, rest if you must,BUT NEVER QUIT !



The WISE and the FOOLISH!

ßƐƐ FѠƐSĤ™ ✗.... ——————————————————– ::::::::::::::::::::______________::::::::::::::::::::::::: The Difference In Similarities Between The Wise And The Foolish

Over the years, I have
been forced to ask myself
so many questions; I have
been forced to know why
the wise are wise and why
the foolish are foolish.
During the course of my
research, I realized that
the wise and the foolish
both have 24 hours and in
the course of using this 24
hours, they do almost the
same things. I had to go
further in my research and
then discovered that in
doing these same things,
there are a whole lot of
differences. These
differences distinguish
the wise from the foolish.
I will begin explaining
these differences in
similarity which will be
released in 2 parts.

The wise and the foolish both procrastinate.
The Wise Man procrastinates about the less important things ( watching a movie, visiting a friend for less important
discussion) so he can create more than enough
space for more important things.

The Foolish Man procrastinates about the more important things (reading books, doing important projects and assignments, making important decisions) so he
can create more than enough space for less important things.

The wise and the foolish sleep late.
The Wise Man sleeps late as a result of carrying out relevant planning (visions
to be laid out, goals to be set, plans to be activated,
critical thinking and brainstorming).

The Foolish Man sleeps late as a result of giving too much relevance to irrelevant activities (watching movies, playing games, irrelevant chats, arguments and discussions).

The wise and the foolish work hard.
The Wise Man works hard in the sense that he is always involved in planning. He plans on how his business will grow, how he can achieve his goals to establish his vision, how he can ensure that things work out as planned; he is always trying new techniques, ideas and innovations. He is always busy just to ensure that everything he does flourishes.

The Foolish Man is alsoinvolved in hard work because he spends most of his physical and mental energy to ensure that the wise man achieves his vision. He is not ready to
pass through the stress and rigors of thinking and bringing out ideas for himself. He prefers to work for the wise man, get paid and go about doing other irrelevant activities.

The wise and the foolish both know about opportunities.
The Wise Man understands that opportunities are everywhere, so he looks for them. When he finds these opportunities, he make all best use of them. Just like when Joseph was in the prison with one of Pharaoh’s chief servants – he saw it as an opportunity When the servant was released from the prison, Joseph asked him to tell Pharaoh about him. After a while, the servant told
Pharaoh about Joseph and when Joseph had the opportunity to speak to Pharaoh, he utilized it. David also saw Goliath as an opportunity others did not see and he used it to get a step closer to being the next king of Israel. Wise people see their search for opportunities
as one of their reasons for genuine success.

The Foolish Man blames his being poor on lack of
opportunities. He very often uses words like “If I had my Masters degree, I would have been better than this”; “If I had known this man, I would have been richer than this”. He does not look for opportunities; he expects
opportunities to come knocking and even when an opportunity comes, he is never prepared.

The wise and the foolish spend money.
The Wise Man invests his money first and spendswhat is left. He spends his money on his needs and his important wants. He doesn’t spend his money to buy all that his heart desires to buy; he spends his money on things that
are actually necessary at that particular period of time. He takes the pain to cut his spending so he can also start saving for future investments. He is very accountable and
prudent in his spending. The Foolish Man spends all he earns and invests little or nothing from what he earns. When he gets money is when he remembers that he is meant to buy these, he is supposed to pay for these and go shopping for that. He has little or no plan for saving
and most times he doesn’t have any plan for present
or future investments. He is not accountable and prudent in his spending.

I am sure you have learnt something important from the first five similarities in difference. Always remember that it is not about reading the article, but applying what you have learnt to bring out a better you.

— Copyright © 2013
Seun Emmanuel Alaofin

Why must I lie to you !!!

ablack tie. Most times when we tell people the truth about
theiR wrong doings,
their mistakes,they Make us
an enemy…Because all they wish to hear from us
is a Bunch of Motivational lies..

The truth is now a rare factor of Life and it has
lost it’s way In the Hearts of Many…

Why must i lie to you when i know that someone
will speak the truth to you someday??

why must you be motivated when ought to be

Why must i Not tell the truth all because you
might become my enemy!!

Listen Friends, the 2nd step towards a great
Nation Is TRUTH..
Truth must prevail,even when we know the
sufferings,challenges and difficulties ahead..

Most people wants we motivational speakers to tell them all is gonna be smooth, whereas that is a LIE..

**I was invited to speak at a youth Innovative program, and then I was to speak on “Preparing for tomorrow,today” The youths were so happy to hear such a sweet and captivating topic..expecting me to give them hints on how to make money,how to be successful,how to plan without any delay… But they were so shocked when I started with the statement “You will face numerous challenges, you will face difficulties, and if you can’t will fall” the atmosphere changed and their happy faces changed as though I just lambasted them… I went further to make it known to them that there is no magic to success, You work for it, you earn it… You achieve it !!
You must have a story to tell while preparing for your tomorrow, don’t expect everyday to come and go with a laughter on your face… Rather expect some days to come with forceful smiles…**
I won’t join the league of motivational speakers who will give hope to Lazy people neither would I lie about the future that is expected to be rough… Believe me, the truth is BITTER and that is why people hate the presence of truth….


I am proud to be a Young motivational speaker… Wish to meet with me or invite me for you program(community,religious) feel free to
call me on 08074458695.


Preparing for tomorrow, today


Life offers us little and expects us to make use of it,we prepare for tomorrow today and make use of the best chance we should have today. As students,preparing today gives us an edge above our colleagues, OUR SAVINGS MUST BE AT MAXIMUM while OUR SPENDING MUST BE AT MINIMUM !
Today matters a lot in our spending, we must avoid extravagant,unwise and unresourceful spending but imbibe the act of saving and wise use of money
..The best chance life offers you is the chance to work hard and become successful,but never to spend wisely, your friends and colleagues would always want you to impress them by spending and wasting financial resources on them. That is the joy life derives, you WORK HARD, BECOME SUCCESSFUL but then THE SUCCESS NEVER LASTS ! Why? ‘UNWISE SPENDING’
Young achievers prepare for tomorrow, today . .and not tomorrow ! Our financial success lies on our hands, life can only help us get success but life can never help us maintain it !! We have to fight our way through to a perfect success and that starts TODAY !!
The secret of our financial success should lie on our daily AGENDA, We must start to prepare for the best of our FUTURE now !! Great minds , our Financial success story must be PUBLISHED soon !!
No amount of success you have can be permanent except you take the Bold step to achieve a perfect financial success. .NOWADAYS, youths/undergraduates tend to judge success by what they possess at the moment forgetting that the future(tomorrow) is much more important when it comes to financial success .
Prepare today, how to be wealthy tommorow, not just in finance but in all areas of life
You are WEALTHY !
You are RICH !

Oluwafemi B. Banjo