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It is considered generosity to share your success tips with people. Even though we all say, Success is a REWARD for hardwork.

He’s considered the “Father of the Digital
Revolution,” a “master of innovation,” and a
“design perfectionist.” He shifted the world we
live in with his inventions. He had a net worth of
over $8 billion in 2010. He’s one of my personal
favorite entrepreneurs of all time because he
basically started from the bottom and managed
to become one of the most influential people in
the world.
He’s Steve Jobs from Apple and….

Here are the top 10 Steve Jobs rules for success.

1. Don’t live a limited life
“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living
someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma
– which is living with the results of other
people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s
opinions drown out your own inner voice. And
most important, have the courage to follow your
heart and intuition. They somehow already know
what you truly want to become. Everything else
is secondary.” – Steve Jobs

2. Have passion
If you’re not passionate enough from the start,
you’ll never stick it out. With any job, there are
aspects of work that are frustrating and difficult
—even with the greatest dream job in the world,
but being passionate about it will make you able
to hold on when things get rough.

3. Design for yourself
“Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown
out your own inner voice.” – Steve Jobs
I know it’s cliche, but this is so true, you are
the captain of your own ship ; don’t let anyone
else take the wheel. Design life for yourself, you
won’t receive a second opportunity to do so, so
you either do it now, or you regret it on later in

4. Don’t sell crap
Sell only high quality products, while many would
argue I would say that Apple products have
always been top quality and that’s the reason
why they are still at the top. They just provide
quality products, and because of that they have
loyal customers that are always willing to buy.

5. Build a great team
The people you surround yourself with, are the
people that will shape your future. If you
surround yourself with smart and positive people
that share your vision, well then, you have a
bright future ahead of you. Remember that y ou
are the average of the five people you spend the
most time with, so choose wisely.

6. Don’t do it for the money
Choose a job you love, and you will never have
to work a day in your life . Steve Jobs was worth
100 million dollars when he was 25 years old,
but he didn’t do it for the money. He did it
because he wanted to change the world, he was
an innovator.

7. Be proud of your products
Create products that you can proudly
recommend to friends and family, if your
product is great, money will follow. Make sure
your product is high quality and it’s something
that people would love to use.

8. Build around customers
Customers tend to trust individuals who are
serious about what they do, and willing to take
the time to achieve a deep understanding of
their craft. Take the time every day to learn
more about your customers, their industry and
their challenges.
Needless to say, gaining trust is only part of the
equation. You must also have a product that
customers want and need, and the ability to
show how you’re adding value, solving problems,
and so forth. However, if you don’t earn the
customer’s trust, they’ll probably buy from
someone else whom they do trust–even if the
offering isn’t as good

9. Marketing is about Values
Have you ever seen a Nike advertisement where
they share why they are better than Adidas and
Puma? No, I know you haven’t, because what
they do is they honor great athletes like Michael
Jordan – that’s what they are, that’s who they
are. So make sure your customers know what
your company stands for.

10.Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish
Never be satisfied, and always push yourself. Do not give up
(or be willing to keep trying) the things people
say cannot be done.

In addition, GOD FIRST !!




Good morning wonderful readers, hope you all slept well?

This week has been a very hectic one for me, especially at school..Monday was filled with practicals and blames, Tuesday was filled with practicals and assignments, Wednesday was like a thug of war at the Congress and almost got injured after involving in a minor motorcycle accident,Thursday was a bit free even though my shoe got damaged right in front of the Faculty gate and today….Gods knows.

What i want to share with us today is my burden for we youths and it is already taking over us all, it is getting into power. You know what it is? THE LIMITING MENTALITY .It is so sad that we all exhibit the limiting mentality, we seem to always give up after few trials, we tend to assume that we cannot be stretched beyong our limits. Most of us are meant to be great, we were meant to achieve our dreams beyond limit, but yet, upon this assurance by GOD, we still fear the seen and unseen challenges or trials we face. You can never be great unless you have been tested and trusted, except you have passed through the furnance of life.

It isnt going to be smooth or free, i tell you….. it will be rough with different pot holes on our way to success, we shouldnt expect lasting success to come so easy to us, we must work for it with our sweats. Passing through difficulties and challenges does not mean we are sinners or GOD has forsaken us, life is a battle field and therefore we have to fight it and win, even the Mighty general of a nation can get injured and it doesnt mean he is weak, It only means he has attracted a strong opposing general, Friends,we have to exceed the limit, we need to break the limiting mentality.

It sounds easy saying it right? Lol

But the truth is, we can do more than this in life “ a little baby doesnt walk until he starts to crawl, then hold objects to move around,holding the mother to walk around,walk alone with little stamina and falls and then the baby finally becomes a very young boy who can walk,fall,rise,jump and do all sort” thats it… The kid exceeded the baby limit of crawling. Giving it a trial is cool, never give up because the devil always makes sure people gives up at the last minute to greatness. The thin line between success and failure is giving up.


N.B : I am not asking you to overwork yourself or start jumping around aimlessly, Purpose comes first, why do i have to exceed this limit?
We need GOD, the ultimate source of help.
I cannot but pour out my pain…i believe we can do it better than it is presently, Just a liitle more push and then we set it rolling.

It isnt easy but it is the truth we all have to embrace.
Enjoy your day, Unlimited Generation…


Camera 360My first post for this year, i congratulate everyone of us for seeing and witnessing once again another new year… At about past 12am yesterday at church DURING THE CROSS OVER NIGHT….The vicar asked us to tell God what we want this year, then i sat adn while everyone was busy praying with a roaring force as tho heaven will fall, i was thinking carefully of what to ask God and wonderfully something hit my mind like a pushed rock…. it was ‘’success’’ that came to my mind..
Oops, i was not contented with my hearts repy, so i kept on thinking but lo, success kept on ringing the alarm in my heart, and so i prayed for success..(lol, all these took place within 3mins)
We got home at about past 2p.m after surviving series of banger/ knockout attacks at the church compound… on getting home, dad called us for family prayer which we did and we all dashed into our various rooms… i decided to watch a movie cuz i wasn’t feeling sleepy at all, then i remembered my first request in 2015…. ‘’Lord,make me successful in everything’’
sounds like every normal prayer, right?

But then i sat and thought about it, why pray for success….. then i started to write what came to my mind…..
Success…achievement of ones aim or goal, success is a broad word and it spreads through every area of ones life… let me broaden our knowledge about success..
Success can be found in so many categories.. academics, spiritual, finance,marital,profession,health e.t.c
I would have felt bad if i only prayed for an upliftment in my academics or financial upgrade, oh ! i would have felt stupid.
I knew success encompasses all these things and if i wanted all…. i just need to be successful in all…

A man of God is not reconed with, by God or man except he is successful in his ministry as a spiritual father of the nation….. that the success i asked for

A student is not duely respected by teachers,lecturers and course mates except he has attained a level of success for any class he is in…. thats the success i asked for
A man is not honoured or celebrated except he is successful financially…thats financial success from God..
N.B : I am not talking about being the richest man in the world, of course it isn’t the real success but being wealthy and generous is success.
A man is not proved responsible and manly enough if he can’t cordinate his family,spread love amidst his children and be celebrated as a father… wow! , marital success .
A man is not seen as a role model, an icon or a mentor if he is not successful in his choosen field… thats success in profession.
A man is not fit enough if he is not successful health wise, health is weath… therefore, health is needed to be successful….
And many more……
So, i prayed for the right thing… i can’t make heaven if i am not successful in christ Jesus…. yea

The same i pray for everyone reading this post…You shall be successful in every ramification.

Happy new year.

Now that you are in a Relationship, what next ? …….. Alexandar Stern

How To Improve Your Relationship Compatibility by Setting Common Goals?

OK, so you do decided to have a relationship – that’s great. What’s the next thing? Here is one basic principle that most couples tend to omit, because they actually fear to talk about it. I’m talking about COMMON GOALS.
What is that?

Well, when Mary goes out with John, she, most probably, pictures herself a nice house, 3 kids, evenings together. What about John? Maybe, he just wants a nice lady to hug without any commitments. That situation might be all right for a month or two, but not for a long relationship.
After a short period of time being a couple, in order to have a certain future together, well, you would have to decide what COMMON FUTURE you’d like to have together and that’s a decision to be made by both of you!
You both want a warm home – well, that’s a great start, isn’t it? You agree together on 2 kids for now, wonderful! Want to spend holidays outdoors? Both of you? Well, here you have a common future holidays, don’t you?
Once you have plans which both of you agree with, here go unneeded arguments, quarrels, friends’ opinions that are more important than opinion of a partner and so on.
You start walking along the paths set by your plans, really understanding each other with high affection toward each other, that stems from that understanding. It’s a great feeling of being really together in life.
In what areas should you have common plans? Let’s see:

1. Spending time together, both evenings and holidays.

Here you can discuss what films you want to see together, what books or performances it would be great to attend including decisions of who searches for what, who orders tickets and so on. Regarding vacations – which places you would like to visit together and when and again – who should do what in order for those plan to happen.

2. Building career and having a warm living relationship.

If you both or anyone of you wants to create a successful career and it demands a lot of your time, conflicts might arise unless you both come to an agreement about what time of your life you are going to spend together. So, you can plan for that time for the weeks, months and years to come.

3. If married – having children and raising them.

Try to imagine together how many children you would like to have and when,how to raise them successful and happy. No small amount of planning is needed here.

4. Building a firm financial level together.

That’s can be the fun part of it. You can plan opening a business together, creating an investment plan to assure you financial future and so on.

5. Having a great, beautiful home together.

If you are serious it might such an enjoyable time together to plan what house and where would you both like to have and how it should look like. This planning can go for hours.

6. Many others…

You got the point. Find more things to plan together and go and implement the planning in the real life.
Just talk about your plans – that would prolong the relationship for as long as the plans exist and are carried forward. And the feeling of accomplishment that comes along that is fantastic.

Pals, NO success once you QUIT !

I always say to myself, “I am not a
quitter, I am failure!” I’d rather fail a
class three times and eventually pass it than quit
and resign myself to the idea that I “just
can’t get it.”
Most of the things you want in life
you CAN have, but only if you treat failure as a
part of the learning process. If you see failure
as an end, that makes you a QUITTER.
You can’t succeed at anything if you
quit. Don’t be a quitter, be a failure cuz Without a willingness to endure
failure you’ll never reach your goals.
—– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —michael-jordan-dunking-for-chicago-bulls
*Michael Jordan*
It might come as a shock, but the man who
became what many would call the best basketball
player of all time didn’t make his high school
basketball team.
“I have missed more than 9,000 shots in my
career. I have lost almost 300 games. On 26
occasions I have been entrusted to take the
game winning shot, and I missed. I have failed
over and over and over again in my life. And that
is why I succeed.” – Michael Jordan
edison1878PHON1. * *Thomas Edison*
Thomas Edison was both hearing impaired and
fidgety. He only lasted three months in school
where his teachers said he was “too stupid to
learn anything.” He eventually was home schooled
by his mom. In talking about his invention of the
light bulb, he said:
“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways
that do not work.” – Thomas Edison
—- —- — — — — —- —- —- —- — — —carville_custom-283719fe58075fcd919901d0e57fc2304ea720a1-s6-c30. * *James Carville*
When I was a kid I was obsessed with political
campaigns the way other kids were obsessed
with sports. During the 1992 Presidential
campaign there was no greater superstar-
whacko than Clinton’s political operative, James
Carville. With his shaved bald head, snake-like
facial features, and his deep Louisiana accent he
seemed like a man out of the Twilight Zone!
He’s now considered to be one of the greatest
political operatives of a generation. But, before
he ended up on that fateful campaign in his early
40’s he was dead broke, had won only a handful
of elections, and had never even been approved
for a credit card. On paper, he looked like a
complete failure. By not giving up he ended up in
the White House.
“No one will ever accuse James Carville of taking
himself seriously.” – James Carville
——– ——– ——– * *Ludwig van Beethoven*
His early skills at music and the violin were
decidedly less than impressive. His teachers
thought him hopeless. It was his father who saw
the potential in him and took over his education.
Beethoven slowly lost his hearing throughout his
life and yet, four of his greatest works were
composed when he was completely deaf.
“Beethoven can write music, thank God, because
he can’t do anything else!” – Ludwig van
——— ———- ———- ———- ———- ChristopherReeveStatue
* Christopher Reeve*
The man who played Superman becoming a
quadriplegic was more than ironic – it was
tragic. He never learned to be happy about
his situation – who could? But, he did learn
to live with it.
“In the morning, I need twenty minutes to
cry. To wake up and make that shift, you
know, and to just say, ‘This really sucks,’ to
really allow yourself the feeling of loss. It still
needs to be acknowledged.” – Christopher Reeve
Then, he’d say, “And now…forward!”
He had to take a moment everyday to
acknowledge where he was, what the reality of
the situation was. But, he didn’t allow that to
stop him. He traveled widely doing public
speaking on behalf of people with spinal injuries,
tirelessly raised money for his own and other
foundations, and even became a movie director.
He took what he had and tried to help others in
the best way he could.
alg-oprah-winfrey-jpg *Oprah Winfrey*
Her childhood was frightful and filled with
horrible abuse and abject poverty. But, like most
successful people, Oprah doesn’t dwell on stuff
like that.
“I don’t think of myself as a poor deprived
ghetto girl who made good. I think of myself as
somebody who from an early age knew I was
responsible for myself, and I had to make
good.” – Oprah Winfrey

Remember this; “Some want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.” – Michael Jordan

Now go make something happen !!

Failure is not the end but quitting is definitely the END ! Enjoy your day and do something NEW and. SIGnificAnT today! or bbm 27B43356


Failure to Prepare,Failure to succeed
“THe Journey to success is never a child’s play”

Life’s battle don’t always go to the strongest or fastest man, but soon or later the man who wins is the man who believes he CAN!

When u fail to prepare, it is only God that can help !!
Until u leave d level of mediocrity, surely success is far!

Steps to Prepare:

*Never Run away from your mistakes, c dem as stepping stones and lessons you ought to learn from..

*Have a positive thought always. “I Can !

* Stand firm, always believe in yourself even when the closest people to you do not believe in you.
Don’t let people dictate for you, even when they criticize u, u must be FIRM !!

Never fail to prepare, Because when you do… YoU are simply expecting the worse !
Failure to Prepare is definitely failure to succeed !!

Quote: It is never too late to prepare. For what you might have prepared for(babbs)
Why must we get to a stage before we start
achieving dreams?

Why must we waste our time on today neglecting

We youths are so attached to this moments of our
lives,trying to enjoy it to the fullest and ignoring
the future. It saddens my heart when I see youths without dreams or visions roaming around the street and then we all expect to be rich and wealthy; IS IT THROUGH MAGIC ?

we don’t have to wait till we graduate before we
start planning how our profession/business would

We don’t have to wait till we clock 26years before
we start thinking of having a wonderful wife and

We don’t have to clock 40years before we start
thinking of when to get our car(s) and build our
own house(s).

I have made up my mind to start preparing now, I have to plan my future with God so as to be celebrated in the future.. Many people don’t really understand why I’m always quiet, they don’t know why I prefer to be alone most times.. IT is because I am preparing for success and I don’t want to be diverted from my GOAL !!

We don’t have to graduate from school before we
start thinking of what we have to do to help our

We have to start planning our future from this
moment,making a sketch of our visions and
dreams. . Because a day will come that we won’t be
able to do the things we ought to have done,lets do
it now !

Our tomorrow is extremely important than our
today,why not prepare for tomorrow today, so
that we can enjoy and be fulfilled with our

Why not do what others WON’T do TODAY so
that TOMMOROW we would be able to do what
others CAN’T do.

Remember, your tomorrow would justify your
success in life and not your today…

When you FAIL to prepare, surely you will FAIL to succeed, it isn’t a curse rather it is the truth !

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Why must I lie to you !!!

ablack tie. Most times when we tell people the truth about
theiR wrong doings,
their mistakes,they Make us
an enemy…Because all they wish to hear from us
is a Bunch of Motivational lies..

The truth is now a rare factor of Life and it has
lost it’s way In the Hearts of Many…

Why must i lie to you when i know that someone
will speak the truth to you someday??

why must you be motivated when ought to be

Why must i Not tell the truth all because you
might become my enemy!!

Listen Friends, the 2nd step towards a great
Nation Is TRUTH..
Truth must prevail,even when we know the
sufferings,challenges and difficulties ahead..

Most people wants we motivational speakers to tell them all is gonna be smooth, whereas that is a LIE..

**I was invited to speak at a youth Innovative program, and then I was to speak on “Preparing for tomorrow,today” The youths were so happy to hear such a sweet and captivating topic..expecting me to give them hints on how to make money,how to be successful,how to plan without any delay… But they were so shocked when I started with the statement “You will face numerous challenges, you will face difficulties, and if you can’t will fall” the atmosphere changed and their happy faces changed as though I just lambasted them… I went further to make it known to them that there is no magic to success, You work for it, you earn it… You achieve it !!
You must have a story to tell while preparing for your tomorrow, don’t expect everyday to come and go with a laughter on your face… Rather expect some days to come with forceful smiles…**
I won’t join the league of motivational speakers who will give hope to Lazy people neither would I lie about the future that is expected to be rough… Believe me, the truth is BITTER and that is why people hate the presence of truth….


I am proud to be a Young motivational speaker… Wish to meet with me or invite me for you program(community,religious) feel free to
call me on 08074458695.